Text Box: It is time to voice your choice for NPB and SGA.  Elections for SGA President, Vice-President, Speaker of the Senate, Student Trustee, IBHE-SAC Representative, Senator and NPB Board Members will be taking place April 1 - 6.  The candidates for SGA President are Eron McCormick and Isiah Dalton.  There are no Vice-Presidential or Speaker of the Senate candidates on the ballot.  The IBHE-SAC representative candidate is Eduardo Arabu Jr.  Peter Michalczyk and Jonathan Ramsey are the two candidates for Student trustee.  There are 9 candidates for SGA Senator.  They are Squeaky Clean, Ana Kolodziej, Jan Krysa, Angelo C. Alto, Desiree Borishade, Evonna L. Caldwell,

Text Box:  Antonio Champion, Al Cordero, and Jonathan Ramsey.  
The Northeastern Programming Board has three students running for the board.  They are Sargon Youkhanna, Toni K. Scott, and Al Cordero.    Write-in candidates have applied and are eligible for the election.  
Elections will be held at the main campus in the classroom building on Saturday, April 1 from 10 am - 2 pm.  Elections will occur at CCICS on Monday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 4 from 10 am - 7 pm.  On the El Centro campus, elections will take place on Monday, April 3 and 
Tuesday, April 4 from 4 pm - 8 pm.  On Wednesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 6, 

Text Box: you can vote in Village Square from 9 am - 7pm.  
Take a little bit of time out of your day and vote for your favorite candidate. 
Text Box: Volume XII, Issue 7
Text Box: Elections are Here!
Text Box: A New Look for the SAO
Text Box: As some of you may have noticed our office has been through a bit of a facelift.  During the Spring Break, the staff of the Student Activities Office were very busy rearranging the office so that it is better suited for you and your organization.   In the next few weeks, 

Text Box: there will continue to be some new additions to the office to make your lives a little easier.  This will even include a round table for you to sit in the office and fill out paperwork.  
Come on in and give us your opinion on the new look!
Text Box: April 2006
Text Box: Student Activities Office  Northeastern Illinois University
Text Box: Student Activities Update

April Events

· 1, 5 & 6 - NPB & SGA elections in Village Square

· 3 & 4 - NPB & SGA elections at El Centro and CCICS

· 5 - NPB’s Democracy in Iran, Middle East & Central Asia: Past Traditions & Future Prospects

· 5, 12, 19 & 26 - Free Speech Task Force Meeting

· 8 - The Business and Management Club’s Business Etiquette Dinner 

·  10 - NPB’s Baseball Fast Pitch Contest

· 11 - The Marketing Club’s “Marketing Yourself as a Graduate”

· 11 - NPB Coffeehouse

· 11 & 27 - SGA Charter and Rules Committee Meeting

· 11 - U.P.R.S.’s Plantando Semillase, Breaking Ground

· 12 - The Generativity Club’s Film Symposium

· 13 & 25 - SGA Senate Meetings

· 14 - Sigma Lambda Beta’s Culture Shock

· 17 & 18 - The Generativity Club’s Lecture Series

· 18 - Apocalypse Author Reading and Discussion

· 18 - Future Health Professional’s “Personal Statement Presentation”

· 18 - Advisor and Student Leadership Reception

· 18 - SGA Finance Committee Meeting

· 20 - Green Cycle Club’s Earth Day Celebration

· 25 - Apocalypse Workshop and Reading

Text Box: So you have you have an idea, a room and a plan for you next event.  Now how are you going to get the word out? Fliers and posters paper every bulletin board on campus.  So how do you make your event stand out to students?  Think about using NVision.  What is NVision you say? NVision is a closed-circuit, 24-hour daily broadcast of information pertinent to the Northeastern Illinois University Community.   Student Union offers this service to offices and organizations on campus.  

Text Box: NVision is broadcast on TVs located throughout campus.  This is an excellent way for you and your organization to get your information out to a wide group of students on campus.  
Currently, advertisements can be run up to 2 weeks before the event and through the duration of the event.  The ad is a on slide with a graphic and text that should be easy for students to read in 10-12 seconds.  The slide can be designed by you or the Student Union staff.  If Rugen has done your campus signs and 

Text Box: posters for the event, you can ask him to design a special landscape slide for NVision.  The advertisement must be approved by the Student Activities Office before it can be displayed.
Remember this option for your next event and visit the Student Union for more information.
Text Box: Although it may seem like this semester will never end and you have so much work to do it may be impossible to finish it by the end, the semester is wrapping up quickly.  
It has been an excellent year for all organizations.  We in the Student Activities Office want to say thank you for a great year.  

Text Box: Congratulations to those of you that are graduating!  Good luck in the future.  For those of you that will be back, We’ll see you  next year for another great year!
Sharron, Tony, Michael, Maggie, Cecily, Rugen, Marsha and Melissa
Text Box: Page 2
Text Box: Classes are ending… Start Preparing for Next Year
Text Box: Advertising - NVision
Text Box: Congratulations and Good Luck!
Text Box: next year, it would be a good idea to reserve space NOW!  Give yourself plenty of time to make changes and plans for next year.  
Also begin to look ahead for fundraisers.  Key dates are going fast for tables in Village Square.  Book yours today!
Keep in mind as old officers are moving on,  new officers must be well 

Text Box: informed and have the important paperwork they need for the next year.  Also remember that 
Charter Renewals need to be turned into the SAO at the beginning of the fall semester.  
Make sure to stop by the SAO if you have any questions!
Text Box: As the semester is winding down, it is important to be prepared for events, meetings and other occasions that your organization might be planning for next school year.  As many of you have been finding out, rooms in the Student Union fill up quickly throughout the semester, especially in April.  If you know that you will be hosting some event 

Text Box: “Its never too early to plan ahead for next year”
Text Box: Student Activities Update

Remember to VOTE in Village Square April 5 & 6

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