have the opportunity to submit a statement to the Independent.  Contact the Independent in E049 or at ext. 4577 for more information. 

As student organization leaders, the positions in these organizations should be very important.  Run for the position yourself or make sure to vote April 1 - 6.  You can make a difference here at NEIU!!


Northeastern Illinois University elections for the Student Government Association and the Northeastern Programming Board are approaching quickly.  Election packets are available now!  They can be picked up in the Student Activities Office, at the Student Union Information Desk and at the CCICS and El Centro campuses. 

In order to be placed on the ballet, all candidates MUST submit the registration and certifications forms to the SAO and attend a MANDATORY candidate informational meeting by March 17 at noon.  Informational meetings will be held on March 7 and 9 at 1:40 pm in SU215 and on March 17 at 10:00 am in SU215.  Again in order to be a candidate you

MUST attend at least one of these meetings. 

The Campaigning period for all REGISTERED candidates begins March 13 and will run through March 31.  Campaigning during the balloting period is allowed as long as all campaigning rules are followed.  

Friday, March 17 all materials are due to the SAO by noon.  The balloting positions will be drawn the same day at 1:30 pm.  A sample of the final ballot will be posted on the bulletin board just outside the SAO (SU 206). 

Tuesday, March 28 is Candidate Day in Village Square from 10 am to 4 pm.  At 1:40 pm, the candidates will have an opportunity to participate in a friendly debate.  Candidates also

The Spring 2006 Semester Survivor Challenge Workshops have come and gone.  A huge thank you goes out to our excellent presenters Allen Shub, Lisa Cooper, Valerie Schiller, Tony Courier, Katherine Gleiss-Monar, Martha Montes, Sharron Evans and Wallace E. Goode Jr.  The workshops covered topics

such as interviewing, credit, internships, teamwork, fitness, member recruitment and community. 

Congratulations to the students who took the time to attend this semester’s workshops.  Five students were awarded this semester. Look for workshops coming to you in the Fall 2006!

Elections are Right Around the Corner

Who are the NEIU Survivors?

Student Activities Office  Northeastern Illinois University

Student Activities Update

March 2006

Volume XII, Issue 6

March Events:

· 1 - International Business Conference

· 2 - NPB coffeehouse and Harpist

· 6-10 - Alpha Psi Lambda Canned Food Drive

· 7 - Alpha Psi Lambda Speaker - Latino’s Education

· 7 - Free Speech Task Force Open Forum

· 7, 9 & 17 - Candidate Informational Meeting

· 7 & 21 - SGA Finance Committee Meeting

· 8 - Alpha Psi Lambda Movie Showing

· 9 - Alpha Psi Lambda Greek Panel

· 9 - Students Against the War Lecture: Human Cost of War

· 14 & 28 - SGA Charter and Rules Committee Meeting

· 15 - Socialist Club Panel - Women’s Rights

· 16 - SGA Senate Meeting

· 17 - Pakistani Club Culture Show - Desi Malpa

· 27 - AKA Health Forum on HIV/STD Information

· 28 - AKA Writers Workshops

· 28 & 30 -  Future Health Professionals Blood Drive

· 28 - FMLA Turning a Corner Film

· 28 - Candidate Day and Debate

· 29 - AKA Poetry Jam

· 29 - NPB Coffeehouse

· 30 - AKA Speaker on Financial Issures

· 30 - Generativity Club Film Symposium

Tuesday, March 7 
      @ 1:40 pm in SU215
Thursday, March 9 
      @ 1:40 pm in SU215
Friday, March 17 
      @ 10:00 am in SU215
Text Box: Spring 2006 SURVIVORS
5+ Workshops - Chad Codeck - $50 gift certificate winner
4 Workshops - Ellen Weinberg
3 Workshops - 
Krystal Burr
Chandeep-Singh Kalra 
Vishnu Mahadeshwar

Page 2

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.“  

       - A. A Milne

Be Creative! 

Think of fun ways to fundraise for your organization!


We ARE open over

Fundraising on Campus

Here at NEIU, bake sales rule Village Square practically every day of the week!  While bake sales are an excellent and consistent way for student organizations to fundraise there are many other options available. 

Be creative!  There are many fun opportunities to make money for your organization or for a specific cause.  Here are just a few ideas your group might try.

· Sponsor some type of Student vs. Faculty/Staff

· competition

· Have a competition where people put money in jars to see their favorite (or least favorite) teacher do something like get a pie to the face or kiss a pig

· Sell buttons with catching phrases on them (Think Empire Records!)

· Sell relaxation packages during finals

· Approach a local grocery store about bagging groceries to raise money

· Calendar Sales

· Krispy Crème, candy ect sales around and off campus

· Sell coupon books from local stores

· Silent Auction

· Hold some type of a-thon like biking or reading

· Creative contests

There are many different ways to raise money.  Make sure when starting a new fundraiser to check with the SAO for approval and assistance. 

The Student Activities Office will be open normal hours over Spring Break.  No fun in the sun for us! 

SAO Staff will be available to assist in any day to day activities without the hassle of many students being in the

office.  The SAO will also be doing a little reorganizing of our own to better serve our student organizations. 

Have an excellent break from classes!  Get a tan if you can! :)


prior to an event.  This also includes all catering orders. 

Keep copies of everything.  Make sure to check your mailbox often to get new paperwork from SAO.  Try making it the responsibility of one person to keep track of paperwork so that it is not lost or kept in too many places. 

As student leaders, it is your responsibility to make sure your organization keeps operating.  Along with that, make sure all members of your

group understand the University and SAO Policies and follow them EVERY time you file paperwork on campus. 

Organization of paperwork is also a good way to pass on information to future leaders in your organization.  Check  your Student Organization Handbook for more policy information.

The key to a running a successful student organization is exactly that ORGANIZATION!  It is very important to understand the school processes and make sure that your group is following them.  Make sure you know and understand deadlines for all paperwork.  Remember ROEs MUST be started at least 7 weeks in advance when requesting funds from Event by Event.  All financial paperwork must be submitted at least 2 weeks

Student Activities Update