Text Box: The 9th annual All University Charity Drive began on October 31.  It will run through December 15 (the last day of finals).  Co-sponsors are still needed to assist with this event.
The items being collected this year are clothes, non-perishable food, toiletries, toys, books, cell phones and eyeglasses. Boxes will be set up in Village square.
All student organization are invited to co-sponsor this event.  Those who co-sponsor can donate proceeds to any charity of their choice.  All donations left by 10 am on December 16 will be donated to the Albany park Community Center.
Co-sponsors have the Text Box: following responsibilities:
Include drive information on club advertising
Spread the All University Charity Drive information by word of mouth
Help promote the event at informational tables
Help remove, sort, pack and store the donations
Help choose charities that will receive donations
Help with the delivery of donations to the Albany 
Park Community Center on Dec. 16 from 10 am—1pm

Text Box: Donate and ask other members of your organization to donate.  
As a cosponsor your organization name will appear on all promotional material. Please help those in need this holiday season by donating your time and items.
If you and/or your student organization are interested in co-sponsoring this event, please contact Marsha Hay in the Student Activities Office (SU206 or x4576). 

Text Box: Fall elections were held October 24-26.  Voting took place at CICS on Monday, October 24 from 10 am to 7 pm.  El Centro voted on Tuesday, October 25 from 4 pm to 8 pm.  Voting took place on the Main Campus in the Village square from 9 am to 7 pm on Wednesday, October 26.  The Student Text Box: Government Association elected 10 senators.  They are  Angelo Alto, Desmond Hutchins, William Velazquez, Sophia Lopez, Mohammed Alikhan, Gulam Ibrahim, Muqtadir Aboul, Sirajuddin Khaja, Munir Olorunoje and Nasar Mohammad.  
The Northeastern Programming Board Text Box: elected 4 board members.  They are Mohemadtalha, Marko Varnjes, Angelo Alto and Co’Shawn Shakur.

Text Box: The All University Charity Drive is Up and Running
Text Box: Fall 2005 Election Results
Text Box: Volume XII, Volume 3
Text Box: November Events
2 - CMENC fundraiser for St. Francis Animal Shelter
4 -  Black Heritage Club Talent show
4 - IVCF Speaker - Christianity, Religion, and Relationship
8 - UPRS performance by Tato LaVierra
9 - Business and Management speaker - Joe Newton
10 - Socialist Club “Veterans Speak Out Against the War”
14 - NPB Coffeehouse
15 - Business and Management speaker: Economic Outlook with Ed Stewart
17 - Anthropos “Seat at the Table” with Phil Causineu
18 - AKA Pink and Green Ball
23 - Hip Hop Organization Concert/hip hop show
28 - NPB “The New Silk Road” Symposium
Text Box: Student Activities Northeastern Illinois University
Text Box: November 2005
Text Box: The Fall 2005 Leadership Workshops were a hit.  The workshops ran from September 26 —October 6.  The conference explored a wide range of topics to help improve the leadership of student leaders.  Presenters, including Allen Shub, Tony Courier, Sharron Evans, Elaine Rodriquez, Michael Kelly, David Helfand, and Jae Jin Pak, were informative and entertaining.  
Text Box: The nine workshops were attended by a diverse group of students and received high reviews from all that were present.
Seventy-three students attended this fall’s workshops.  Six people attended two workshops.  Four people were present at three workshops and received a coffee mug.  They were James Brytan, Monica Hyde, Ed Torgerson, and Gregoria Williams. 
Text Box: Two students attended four of the nine workshops and received a survivor bag and a coffee mug. These students were Christina Barnes and Marilyn Barzinski-Adler. No one was named the Fall Challenge Survivor for attending five workshops to be eligible for the $50 gift card to Text Box: Activities to fill out an ROE and a Permit to Solicit.  All items sold must be baked goods.  Cash boxes are available from Student Activities.  
You should also pick up a deposit slip before the event so that your group can deposit money made that day at the Cashier’s office.  Remember to bring the receipt back to Student Activities to ensure Text Box: It seems like every time you turn around in Village Square a different group is trying to tempt you with a delicious treat. Bake sales are a very popular event for groups to raise money. The month of November is bringing us 10 more opportunities to indulge our sweet tooth. 
If you want to have a bake sale, you must come to Student Text Box: your deposit gets recorded.
Here are dates you can expect to see sweets in Village Square during November:
1-IVCF, 3-BHGC, 7-Sigma Lambda Gamma, 8-FTC, 9-Marketing Club, 10-Green Cycle Club, 11-Anthropos, 21-Justice Studies, 23-Sigma Lambda Beta, 29-Alpha Psi Lambda, 30-GLBA
Text Box: Survivor Challenge Workshops a Success
Text Box: American Indian leaders including staff of the Native American Rights Fund and White Earth Land Recovery Project.  
The film explores the religious persecution of Indigenous people over many centuries. 
All are welcome to come and enjoy the presentation.  
Text Box: Text Box: The NEIU Anthropology Club, Antropos, are bringing Phil Causineau to present “A Seat at the Table: Struggling for American Indian Religious Freedom.  He will be on campus Thursday, November 17, 2005 from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm in room SU 003.  
The film features a variety of Text Box: A Seat at the Table with Phil Causineau
Text Box: Bake Sales Galore