Student Leadership Development


SUSTAINABILITY is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Student Leadership Development Office is embracing what businesses call the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE.  These three components of sustainable development will preserve our world, the people of the world, and the resources for decent world.

1) Social Justice: To educate, collaborate, and build up community action to produce a sustainable society.

2) Strong Economics: We recognize that environmental damage has long-range consequences on the health of our planet and the health of our economy. It’s our goal to make sure a green economy is stable and equitable in the Student Leadership Development office.

3) Flourishing Environment: We are going green to keep the Earth growing and flourishing by reducing waste and consumption, reusing products, and recycling product materials.

The three areas, sustainability rather, highlight the balance between people and the environment.  Air, water, and land are all impacted by the behavior and actions of human beings, but these impacts can be controlled so they do not cause as much damage while allowing all involved to maintain a comfortable existence.  (365 Ways to Live Green; McDilda)

“The art of sustainable living is the ability to support communities today without jeopardizing the environment for tomorrow.”

- Diane Gow McDilda, author on green living

What’s so GREEN about the SLD Office?

The little things that helped shrink our big footprint:

  1. The Student Organization Handbook & SLD Office Update Newsletter is offered only online. It reduces paper waste and saves our green earth.
  2. We purchased an online student club management system—ORGSYNC.COM—that allows users to submit forms online. It saves trees and reduces paper waste.
  3. We offer give-a-ways allow for direct re-use, such as nylon lunch bags and aluminum water bottles.  This reduces the plastic water bottles and plastic bags in our landfills.
  4. We’ve reduced the maximum number allowed for paper signage coming out of the Graphic Arts Center
  5. We’re hosting GREEN WEEK!   A week devoted to educating others about SUSTAINABILITY… and you are invited to join us the week of October 5.
This is only the beginning… join us as we continue to turn GREEN. Here’s some helpful links on how to be more green at home and at the office or school:

Unplug those small electronics and appliances!

Having indoor plants in our work environments, cleans the air and removes toxins.

See how other schools are going green!

Learn how to live a green lifestyle!