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Northeastern Illinois University’s campus dining food and service provider is:
A’viands Food and Services Management.

Do I have to use A’viands to provide food for my event?
Yes. If you are hosting your event on NEIU’s campus, you are required to utilize A’viands. You may not bring in any outside food products or utilize outside vendors for events on NEIU’s campus.

How do I place an order with A’viands?

  1. Visit the NEIU A’viands website for menu details to develop an idea of what types of foods A’viands offers:
  2. Feel free to consult directly with A’viands staff if you have any questions regarding their options.
  3. After you have determined what you hope to order from their menu, finalize where the money covering this food is coming from?
    1. Your organization’s Earned Income account? If so – be sure to submit an Earned Income Request!
    2. Your organization’s Developmental Funds? If so – be sure to submit a Developmental Funds Request!
    3. Or will it be included in the Event-by-Event Request you will submit to the Council of Clubs (COC)? If so – be sure to include those details in your Event-by-Event Request!
  4. Once you have secured funding, you will receive an e-mail from Veronica Rodriguez of Student Leadership Development indicating how much money you have been approved to use for food. This is so that A’viands can know for certain that you have enough funds in your account.
  5. Take this email to A’viands catering office to finalize your order. They will provide you with the final invoice for your order.
  6. Bring the invoice to the Student Leadership Development office (E041B) to complete a Direct Payment Voucher (DPV).

A’viands Contact Information

Location: Golden Eagles Nest – SU-009.

Tondalaya Perkins
Catering Manager
office: (773) 442-5335

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday
Open from 10:00am until 7:00pm

Open from 10:00am until 2:00pm