The Student Affairs Communications Team is here to help Student Affairs departments promote events, programs, and services to students, faculty, and staff. Student Affairs Communications facilitates communications within the Division of Student Affairs through the web site, NEIUport, and other venues, and assists with promoting programs and developing publications for the division.

Project Requests

Please fill out the Communications Request Form to begin the process. Our team will be in touch with you soon to discuss your promotional needs.

Please send Publication and Promotion requests as early as possible. We will do our best to fulfill urgent requests, but due to volume of requests, we cannot guarantee they will all be accommodated.

TA Requests

The New TA Request Form replaces all other methods for requesting a targeted announcement. The new posting schedule asks that you send requests by Tuesday for a posting on Thursday, or by Thursday for the following Tuesday. If you must send a time sensitive request (i.e., facility/office closure), please know that we will do our best to fulfill urgent requests, but due to volume of requests, we cannot guarantee they will all be accommodated. Refer to the Targeted Announcement guidelines and Web Revision guidelines for more information.

Requests must be submitted by the sponsoring office's Director or their designee, or by your student organization's officer. If additional content approvals are required within your area, you must include their contact info. For questions about our guidelines or form, please contact

Division-Wide Announcements

If you are promoting a division-wide event (for Student Affairs staff only), please use the Student Affairs Staff group in NEIUport. Any staff member can send an email to select or all Student Affairs staff via the group in NEIUport. To do so, log into NEIUPort and click on Groups in the upper right corner. Access the SA Staff group and click on Email. There is also a document describing how to send email via the group in the group files. This group should only be used for announcement of important events/information for Student Affairs staff.

To check if you are a member of the group, log into NEIUPort and click on Groups in the upper right corner. A "My Groups" window will pop up. "Student Affairs Staff" should appear within the list of groups. If you are a staff member in Student Affairs, but are not a member of the NEIUport group, please contact us at

Web Page Requests

For those of you who would like help, the Communications team is available to assist you with updating and enhancing your web pages. Please note that the university is revamping the main university web site, with the initial phases underway as of March 2013, and expected completion in March 2014.


  • Please fill out and submit the web page section of the Communications Request Form. Upload any copy as an attachment in Word or HTML format.
  • How to submit revisions in Word: Indicate the URL for the web page you want updated. Cut and paste the content from the web page into Word. Turn on Track Changes and make the revisions. Save the document and upload or email it to us.
  • If you want a document uploaded to the web site, provide the document in the appropriate format (upload or send to via email attachment). If sending PDFs, please also send the originating document (i.e., in Word).
  • Project time frames:
    • Web Page Update (minor content updates): 10 days
    • Add New Page/Content (provided by department): 4 weeks
  • For more complex projects, please fill out the form, upload any content/text revisions as noted above, and give a description of your project. Also let us know when you will be available to meet and discuss the project in more detail.
  • Requests will be prioritized by the Communications Team based on key factors (i.e., time sensitivity, importance to students).

We look forward to working with you to promote your events and programs/services.


Tasha Neumeister
ext. 4528

Jason Demma
Creative Specialist
ext. 4747