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Student Rights and Responsibilities participates in the National Enough is Enough Program every Spring. Learn More About Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough: Stem Societal Violence

Enough is Enough is an annual anti-violence program initiated by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) in response to incidents that occurred at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University.  Each year, during the first full week of April, campuses across the country forge paths designed to create a new paradigm for peace and safety on campuses by addressing societal violence and seeking peaceful solutions. 

A schedule of events, programs, and initiatives to take place during NEIU’s Enough is Enough Week are can be found at the following link:

Download the PDF Schedule of Events at Northeastern

Our Daily Events: MON -FRI APRIL 7-11, 2014

Silent Witness Display • Daily 10am - 4pm • Village Square
A life-sized display of domestic violence and the realities of the silence of victims.

Information Tables • Daily 10am - 4pm • Village Square
These tables are power packed w/ information! Sign your pledge against violence, get your ribbons & buttons,
retrieve information on support services provided throughout the university, or just come by to say hello!

“These Hands Don’t Hurt” Pledge • Daily at tabling • Village Square
Take the pledge! Leave a message on a hand to be displayed on windows in the Student Union all week.

Ribbons & Buttons • Daily at tabling • Village Square
Pick up & wear your black & white ribbon and button as a show of support for the campaign to end violence.
Ribbons & buttons will be available all week at all tabling events.


“Sexual Violence on College Campus” Panel Discussion
12 - 1pm • SU 215
Facilitator: Prof. Adam Messinger


“Spoken Word Social Commentary: Society Yields Violence”
3:00 - 4:00pm • Village Square
Facilitator: Tony B., Rapper

“Consent”: A Discussion of Saying Yes to Sex”
3:00 - 4:00pm • LWH - 2078
Facilitator: The Feminist Collective


About Face Theatre: It's For Real
1:00 - 2:00pm • Angelina Pedroso Center for Intercultural Affairs
Host: LGBTQA Resource Center
Hilarious and poignant, It's For Real is a collection of stories that connects issues of sexuality, race, class, gender, age, and family.


“Speak-Out! Against Violence”
10am-4pm • Village Square
An open mic for all NEIU community members to share poetry, music, and statements promoting anti-violence on campus, in our communities, and around the globe. Let your voice of anti-violence be heard!

“Gender-Based Violence”
1:40 - 2:55pm • B-152
Facilitator: Stephanie Atella, M.S. in Public Health, Certified Health Education Specialist

“Concealed Carry: What you Need to Know About the New IL Law”
3:05 - 4:05pm • B-152
Facilitator: NEIU Police Department

Enough is Enough is sponsored by the Student Rights & Responsibilities Office and the Campus Violence Prevention Committee. Co-Sponsors include The Women's Resource Center, the LGBTQA Resource Center, Student Health Services and NEIU Police Department. The Student Rights & Responsibilities Office is under the Division of Student Affairs.