Group Counseling

Counseling is provided in both individual and group formats. In group counseling, you meet with a counselor along with several other students, and together explore areas of common concern. Group sessions are usually scheduled once a week, and the combined experiences and support of other group members can make this a very powerful form of helping.

In group counseling (also called group therapy or simply "group"), up to eight individuals meet face-to-face with a group therapist and talk about what is troubling them. Members also give feedback to each other by expressing their own feelings about what someone says or does. This interaction gives group members an opportunity to try out new ways of behaving and to learn more about the way they interact with others. What makes the situation unique is that it is a safe environment with clear boundaries. Group sessions are confidential; what people talk about or disclose is not discussed outside the group.

Some groups run by Student Counseling Services office are general in their content, while others focus on certain issues, like grief or relationships. Discuss with a counselor which groups are currently available and a good match to your concerns.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Group Counseling and Common Misperceptions about Group Therapy for more information.