Information For Faculty and Staff

While the primary mission of Northeastern's Counseling Services is to serve students, the office advises and consults with faculty and staff about student issues, and provides some counseling services to member of the faculty and staff. We also help staff find counseling referrals in the community, using your health insurance benefits.

We encourage you to become familiar with the Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT), which is designed to offer you support and advice, and to coordinate the University's response to developing situations.

Need to refer someone for counseling?

The Counseling Services' Referral Guide has useful information on when counseling can help, how referrals are made and tips on helping students receive the help they need.

Know someone expressing suicidal or self-destructive thoughts?

We have information on suicide and tips on how to help somebody who might be struggling with such feelings. Understanding Suicide provides information about the warning signs of suicide, how these feelings might express themselves in an academic setting, how people who are struggling with suicide feel, and how you can help. Please also contact the Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) to let them know about this situation.

Feeling concerned that someone's behavior might be dangerous, distressed or disruptive?

Contact the Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) to report the situation and get support or helpful advice on how to respond. The BCT also has tips on working with students in distress.

Concerned about student misconduct?

The Behavioral Concerns Team has guidelines on working with student misconduct. Also, consult Student Rights and Responsibilities for information on how the Student Conduct Code may apply to your situation.

Interested in counseling or therapy for yourself?

There may be times when employees wish to consult with a counselor about personal or relationship concerns, an immediate crisis, or a variety of other life difficulties. While ongoing counseling is provided only to registered students, it may be possible to speak with a counselor to help decide how to approach the situation and where to find appropriate resources. Faculty and staff are also eligible to attend therapy groups and workshops.

Counseling Services can also help connect employees with the State of Illinois' Employee Assistance Program. There are several options, depending on your employee classification. For full details, visit CMS' Employee Assistance Program or contact Human Resources at ext. 5202 for more information.

Finally, counselors are always available to help faculty or staff members understand the psychological aspects of their work with students. Call us at ext. 4650 to explore any of these options.