Choosing a Major/Career - Career Counseling

Obstacles To Decision-making: Do you have one or more of these difficulties?

Lack of information or mis-information about the world or work

  • How many career opportunities can you describe in detail?
  • Do you have enough career information to make a choice. For example, work settings, required education/training, salary, promotion/advancement potential?

Too much information

  • The internet and the endless number of career books can create an overwhelming feeling. Using a career counselor to make sense of these sources can create a starting point for researching occupational information.

Other obstacles

  • Geographic limitations
  • Family responsibilities
  • Physical, emotional, or academic disabilities
  • Time constraints (feeling too busy taking classes and working to find time to explore careers)

Helpful information

  • Becoming more aware of yourself will increase your ability to make a better decision.
  • Becoming more aware of how your interests and values can be expressed in various occupations and work settings will help you to visualized yourself in these careers.
  • Learning about unhealthy anxieties or external pressures related to career decision-making can formalize your awareness of their impact on your ability to choose. Sometimes, viewing your circumstances from different perspectives can change the significance of these issues.