Advising Workshop

Here's what we'll be covering on the following pages:

  • General Education Requirements
  • English and Math Requirements
  • Why it's important to be thinking about your major already
  • What classes you will be taking this fall
  • The Registration Worksheet exercise

General Education Program Requirements

Every student, regardless of major, is required to complete the General Education Program which consists of 13 courses distributed among the following five areas:

  • Fine Arts - 2 courses
  • Humanities - 3 courses
  • Social Behavioral Sciences - 4 courses
  • Natural Sciences - 3 courses (one of which MUST be a lab course)
  • Math/Quantitative Reasoning - 1 course

Most full-time students complete these courses by the end of their Sophomore year. General Education, Math, English and Reading are usually the only courses from which you may choose during your first Fall and Spring Semesters at Northeastern.

Certain majors require that you take specific General Education courses; this pertains especially to the Social Work major, to all majors in the College of Business and Management, and to majors in the College of Education. If you are thinking about majoring in one of these areas, it's especially important that you let your advisor know. Even if you're not absolutely certain, your advisor will make sure that you are taking as many courses as possible that meet specific General Education Requirements AND Major/Prerequisite Requirements.

First Year Experience (FYE) Requirement

As you look through the list of general education courses in the Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes, pay close attention to the courses with an asterisk (*) and an FYE title. FYE stands for First Year Experience and all new entering freshmen are required to take one of these FYE courses within their first year.

English and Math Requirements

Along with General Education courses, students need to take English, Math, and in some cases, Reading courses, beginning their first semester. There are different levels of English, Math, and Reading: your Placement Test and ACT scores will determine the level at which you begin. Although college level Math is a General Education requirement, many students place into developmental courses that must be completed first.

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