Advising Workshop

Welcome Freshmen!

Your upcoming Orientation will be a day full of activities and workshops. On that day, as a part of your afternoon schedule, you will participate in an Advising Workshop during which you will meet your Academic Advisor, plan a Spring Schedule of classes, and register for the Spring semester. That's a lot to accomplish in a ninety minute workshop, so we need you to do some preparation now. Please read the following pages carefully and take your time completing the Pre-Registration Exercise that follows.

In this exercise, you will choose a few classes and complete a Registration Worksheet; be sure to bring the completed Worksheet with you to your Orientation - you will use the worksheet when you meet with your advisor.

MOST IMPORTANT - Let your Advisor know about what you plan to major in or even what you may just be thinking about majoring in! (And yes, it is okay if you don't yet know what you're going to major in, but you should at least be thinking about it.)

What to Expect at the Advising Workshop:

  • You will meet with an Academic Advisor who will explain your placement test scores
  • Talk to you about General Education courses and other university graduation requirements.
  • help you select Spring classes and finalize your schedule.
  • After that, you will register for the courses you selected.

What an advisor needs to know about you:

  • Tell your Advisor as much as you can about your academic and career goals.
  • Let your Advisor know if you plan to work during the semester, and if so, how many hours per week.
  • Tell your Advisor whether you want to attend school full-time (4 -6 classes) or part-time (fewer than 4 classes)

What to bring and what not to bring

  • DO bring a picture id and your NEIU student id number.
  • DO bring the NEIUport id and password you were asked to create.
  • DO bring the Registration Worksheet that you will be asked to complete at the end of this tutorial.
  • DO NOT bring any money; you will not be expected to pay for your classes on this day.