Engaging students in campus life through arts, leadership,
programs and resources that enrich the campus experience.


We have over 90 student clubs and many student leadership opportunities waiting for you! Take charge of your experience at NEIU by joining a club or program.

  • Join a club or program to enhance your quality of campus life as you progress through NEIU.
  • Get involved in the Student Government Association to be a part of decisions that affect the quality of student life at NEIU.
  • Can't find an organization in your area of interest? Start your own club/organization!


Our Student Union building is a bustling hub of activity where we strive to help our guests relax, connect, learn and grow from our quality programming, art exhibitions and a wide variety of other events throughout the year

  • SUE&CS provides a full line of professional services to the University community and surrounding area.
  • The NEIU Information Center is open daily to answer all of your questions related to campus information and resources.
  • SUE&CS produces major student recognition programs including the May and December University Commencement ceremonies.