Proyecto Pa'Lante is an academic support services program that has historically and continues to serve Latino students who demonstrate academic potential, but do not meet the general University admissions requirements. Proyecto Pa'Lante is also a University admitting body, responsible for recruiting and admitting students.

Support for Latino and first generation college students

Students in this program are given a two-year adjustment period to meet University academic requirements. They must actively participate in the assistance programs provided and show evidence of academic progress. Students receive guidance and support from an academic advisor until the requirements to declare a major are met.

In addition, the program offers integral information about transitioning and excelling in college, via 3-credit academic transition courses taught by Proyecto Pa'Lante advisors. These courses complement the program's objectives to provide personal and academic support services designed to increase scholastic achievement and persistence towards graduation.

The links to the left offer information to help you with academic planning, coursework, and NEIU requirements.

Remember that we are here to support you as you pursue your educational goals. If you need any other assistance, contact your advisor or the Proyecto Pa'Lante office (LWH 4029) at (773)442-5460.