Reading Lab

Learning Support Center Reading and Learning Assistance

How do you feel about the reading and learning demands of college? Confused? Overwhelmed? Feeling lost? Are you thinking that you could handle college level work, but now you are wondering how you are going to navigate your way through all the required reading and learning in time to take the tests and write the papers, too? Are you reading some things over and over, but finding that they are still not making sense to you? The reading and learning specialist in the Learning Support Center can show you how to use reading and learning strategies that really work. For example, there are ways to set a reading purpose, design note-taking plans, apply techniques for synthesizing difficult material, or apply learning strategies for college learning.

In addition to guided tutoring, the reading and learning specialist can provide materials for those who wish to work independently on reading speed, reading levels, and academic vocabulary.

Make an appointment to see the reading specialist by calling 773-442-4568.

If you have any questions regarding reading and learning assistance, please contact Ellen Tiernan, reading and learning specialist, by coming to the Learning Support Center on the 4th floor of the Ronald Williams Library.