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(Father James, I think)

Altar Boys
If you can identify anybody in this picture, or have any idea of the date it was taken, leave a note in the Guestbook.
(Note the fat tires and fenders on the bicycles!)

OK- who can remember which teacher this was?

Altar, circa 1958, prior to Vatican II
The altar at St. Joseph's, prior to Vatican II.  During Lent, note the covering of the Last Supper fresco on the front.

Last Supper, in front of altar
The Last Supper, covered up in the previous picture, from the front of the altar.

Who were these three guys clowning around?

Picture from Dick Kotecki
Above picture sent to me by Dick Kotecki

And how many of these individuals can you identify?
(Thanks to Donna Koster Cleland for the pix!)
Individual school pictures

Editorial comment from your webmaster:  After four more years of high school, and uncountable years of college and post-graduate college, and forty years of working, I can pronounce THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD WERE IN OUR EIGHTH GRADE CLASS!!!

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