Links for Kids

Bangkok Post Student Weekly.  Want to know what's on the minds of Thai students? Check out this supplement to the Bangkok Post, Thailand's leading English-language newspaper.

Family trees. Dreading that inevitable genealogical assignment at school? Use the link to review some diagrams of alternative “family trees” that may better suit an adoptee's history, while satisfying the teacher’s educational objectives. The excellent site from Canada also has good suggestions in its Teacher's Guide (module 3); Webmaster's kids have used the Self Wheel with great success in family tree assignments.

ThailandLife. Frequently updated Website created by Thai teen including many photos and details about life for teenagers in Thailand. Also has a language-learning section. Recommended for older teens and adults. The Webmaster previously battled drug addition and offers a pull-no-punches series of interviews about his struggles, plus the story of his turnaround and his life as father of a young child. He is currently serving a prison term for prior drug possession, and has a separate Website/blog discussing these experiences.

Thai Students.  A HUGE Website created by students of the private Sriwittayapaknam School in Thailand. Pages on culture, holidays, Leo DiCaprio, scouting in Thailand -- you name it, if kids are interested it's probably here. Especially interesting background and pull-no-punches bulletin board regarding the controversial  "Anna and the King" story and movie.

Thailand, Jewel of the Orient. PBS site related to their "Living Edens" program on Thailand. You can buy the video here, and explore a variety of information, including much information about nature subjects. Great place for researching a school report.

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