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     Washington High School was built in the 1950's to service students from the communities of Hegewisch and the East Side.  These communities underwent significant growth of population in the post WW II housing boom.  The school originally opened as a K-12 school under the leadership of a single principal.  The cornerstone was laid in 1956 and the school was formally dedicated on April 9, 1958.  The first students, 72 in all, entered the high school in February 1957.  Over 400 additional students transferred from Bowen High School in September 1957.  The first graduating class was February 1960 when 50 students graduated.  In June 1960 122 graduates received diplomas.  The architects are Perkins and Will, a very well known Chicago firm. The architectural style of the school resembles many suburban schools built in the post war era and is quite dissimilar from most Chicago public high schools.  A recent rehab of the school has taken this historical significance into account. 

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