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Chicago's East Side 
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Industrial Sites
Republic Steel
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U. S. Steel South Works
United States Steel South Works

         Employment Office at Illinois Steel (later U. S. Steel)  with sign in six languages

In 1880, the North Chicago Rolling Mill Company began to build a steel mill where the Calumet River met Lake Michigan in the South Chicago neighborhood.  By 1900 the company was known as the Illinois Steel Company and eventually as Carnegie Illinois Steel and later as South Works of the United States Steel Corporation.  The mill was a model of modern technology when it was built and it was a leader in the production of high quality steel.  Many of Chicago's skyscrapers were built with steel beams produced at South Works.  It was the largest of the area mills and employed almost 20,000 workers at its peak. 

"Rosie the Riveter"

Female welders at U. S. Steel during WW II

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