Many have contributed to this tour and we would like to thank them. The Annenberg Foundation has provided funding, support, training, and guidance to the Washington High School Annenberg Team. The Chicago Metro History Education Center and Pauline Kochanski have guided us through this most interesting year. The Southeast Historical Society and Museum have provided our Museology classes with a "home base" for several years and an incredible source of information and materials on Chicago's Southeast Side. Special thanks to Ora Coon who works with our students in Museology. Thanks to the Calumet Ecological Park Association (CEPA) and the Calumet Environmental Resource Center (CERC) at Chicago State University for their assistance in our research efforts. Most importantly, thanks to the Biology, Chemistry, History, and Museology students of Washington High School for their work in putting this tour together. 

The Washington High School
Annenberg Challenge Team

Eva Aseves - Biology
Rita Koziarski - Chemistry
Barbara Oliphant - Biology
Rod Sellers - History / Museology

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