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Acme Steel Coke Ovens

        The Acme Coke Plant has a long history of coke making excellence. The coke plant located on Chicago's south side was incorporated in New York on June 23, 1905, as the By-Product Corporation (name changed to Interlake Iron Corporation on December 29, 1929).

Federal Furnace Plant

       In 1964, Acme Steel Company and the Interlake Iron Company merged, combining Interlake's extensive mining, iron, and coke production factilities with Acme's steel producing and finished product capabilities. The new company became the Interlake Steel Corporation -- then the nation's 11th largest steel producer.
        As Interlake Steel Corporation grew through diversification, it became more difficult to manage an organization with two separate personalities -- steel and non-steel manufacturing. Following a reorganization of Interlake in  1986, Acme once again became a public company. The newly formed Acme Steel Company consisted of Interlake's former iron, steel, and domestic steel strapping operations.

112th and Torrence Avenue 1938
Acme Coke Plant on Left / Wisconsin Steel on Right

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