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Saint Peter and Paul
    9041 South Exchange Avenue
        South Chicago

Original Church Building
      St. Peter & Paul German Catholic church was founded in 1882. It is located at 9041 Exchange Avenue. For a long time, during the early 1920's many people started to lose interest in the church, many people of the parish would also move away. So for a long time people felt that the SS. Peter and Paul was not needed. When the new pastor, Reverend Arthur F. Terlecke, took his place he rearranged times of services and devoted his most of his attention to the children. The result of his hard work was that more and more people started showing up and the church now needed seven Masses on Sunday.  Also in 1937 a lot of  construction went on in that church. The rectory was placed on solid foundation. Asbestos siding was applied to the church and rectory buildings. All buildings were insulated and painted. The heating plant was modernized and fences repaired. Also later on that year  the building at 9023 Exchange Avenue was bought for the Sisters.

Combination Church School Building

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