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             Saint Mary Magdalene 
              Polish Catholic Church
        8412 South Marquette Avenue
          South Chicago

        Saint Mary Magadalene is a Polish Catholic Church .  It is located on 8412 S. Marquette Avenue.  It was established in 1910 . Due to the swamp like land in the area, it was hard for the families to get to the other local churches. So Reverend Francis M. Wojtalewicz decided to buy 24 lots between Marquette and Saginaw Avenue at 84th street for $5,375.40. On June 10, 1910 it was decided to create a new Polish parish under the patronage of St. Mary Magdalene. The new parish would be the third Polish Catholic church located in the South Chicago community. Sunday June 26, 1910 was the day that the first mass  was held at St. Mary Magdalene. It was decided that a building that was going to be made would contain a church , school, convent, and hall. Construction began on August 8,1910.  Also on July 17th 1911 the church had a big celebration in order to bless the church .  In that same year the Saint Mary Magdalene school opened its doors to 330 children who occupied six classes. In 1927 an auditorium was added to the building as a parish hall. and on November 9th, 1927 a banquet was held to celebrate the completion of the hall. A new organ was purchased for the church in 1916. 

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