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Photos:  Top left - St. Joseph Church                              Top right - Current Use of Church
               Bottom left - Priest's Telescope                         Bottom right - St. Joseph Rectory

       St. Joseph Catholic Church is located on 8801 Saginaw Ave. in South Chicago. It was established in 1900 by Fr. Preza along Marquette Avenue. The majority of the parishioners were Lithuanian.  A new rectory was built for the priest and those who would help him. Reverend Anthony Petraitis took it upon himself  to teach the children their catechism, because there was no school attached to that parish. Also on the land between the church and the rectory Fr. Petraitis built a miniature animal life sanctuary, where peacocks would strut their stuff, birds would sing their hearts out, monkeys would play in the trees , and children would learn "of the greatness of God".  In 1931 Fr. Urba decided to add a school to the church, which was a two room complex that would house four grades in each room. In 1949 the construction of the "new church"  began, and the modern school began construction in 1953. Also in 1955 the interior renovation of the rectory was done. 

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