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Phil Sheridan/Arnold Mireles Elementary School

Phil Sheridan School Early 1900's
Phil Sheridan School after 
Multiple Additions 

       Phil Sheridan was erected in 1888. There is no written history so information is sketchy of 
its early years. Phil Sheridan is located on 9000 S. Exchange Ave. Phil Sheridan was originally called the 93rd St. School when moved from Hyde Park on Sept. 17, 1890. It was officially named after General Philip Henry Sheridan on Jan. 24, 1912. Like all the other schools in South Chicago, Sheridan grew and taught immigrant children during the early 1900's.   And like the others, over-crowding was always a problem. Additions had to be added in 1896, 1925, and 1961. 
        In 1998 the school was renamed to the Arnold Mireles Academy.  Arnold Mireles was a 35-year-old Southeast Side activist. Mireles was well known, respected and loved by the community. Mireles was murdered because of his activism on Dec.29,1997. And the community felt that by changing the name of the school it would be a constant reminder to students of the values of honor, respect, love for one another, service and non-violence. 

                  Phil Sheridan Class of 1969

                Phil Sheridan Class of 1969

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