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Immanuel Lutheran Church (German)
            9031 South Houston Avenue 
           South Chicago

        This was the first Evangelical Church in the community of South Chicago. It has been in existence since 1873.  In June of that year there were about 190 Lutherans that worked together to build their first house of worship in the South Chicago area. On January 11,1874 the Immanuel Lutheran Church opened its doors to its worshipers.  It was "dedicated to God's glory".
        The Ladies Aid Society was the oldest organization within the congregation. The Ladies Aid Society was established in 1876. Pastor Durbog served at Immanuel from its start until 1879. In 1880,  a separate building was built for a school, the Christian Day School . At the same time a choir was developed. Also the Poor Fund was established. In 1888 and 1889 the church began to grow physically and a transept and an altar were added.  This led the church to have its seating capacity doubled as compared to the original structure. In August of 1907 the congregation decided to replace the old church building.  And thus they began to build the new building for the church of Immanuel Lutheran. Again in 1922 there was a new church erected along with a brand new school building. 

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