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      United States Rolling Stock Company was founded in 1883 by A. Hegewisch.  There is confusing information about the founder of the company, and it is difficult to determine whether his name is Adolph or Achilles. 
His dream was to have a successful business similar to the one that Pullman had created.  When he became president, in 1882, of the United States Rolling Stock Company, he bought 100 acres to build this company and later he bought 1,500 acres, north and northeast of the company, so he could sell lots for houses to the employees that would work for him.  These employees built their houses on this area and created a town that was named after Hegewisch.  This town became an important part of the company.  The purpose of United States Rolling Stock Company was to build railroad cars.  However the company was never as successful as Pullman's company was and soon was sold.
       In 1912 the company changed its name to Western Steel Car & Foundry, which made electric steel, grey iron, and malleable iron.  Finally, the company changed its name to Pressed Steel Car Company.

Yards at Western Steel During WW I

      At the outbreak of World War I, in 1914, industry needed to provide materials to improve transportation.  Pressed Steel had to produce equipment for rail lines within war zones.  The company also provided Russia with 12,000 cars, including gondolas, box cars, flatcars, and passenger cars.

Big Shot Cannon Produced at Pressed Steel for WW II

      In 1940, during World War II, Pressed Steel started to produce large quantities of M-4 armored tanks and allied war materials for the war effort.  Also, from 1942 through 1945, many women started to work in the heavy industry.
Pressed Steel Car Company received an award for their excellent job in producing tanks on September 10, 1942.
       In 1956, Pressed Steel was bought by U.S. Steel after it went out of business and closed.  U.S. Steel used the property as a supply warehouse and it is currently in use as a City Industrial Park. 

Adolfo Hegewisch, nephew of Hegewisch's 
founder, visits Pressed Steel

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