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Saint Columba Church

Original St. Columba Church
13305 Green Bay Avenue

         Saint Columba church was established in about 1884 as a mission of Saint Kevin church (105th and Torrence).  Reverend Timothy D. O’Sullivan, pastor of Saint Kevin church, led the building of Saint Columba church.  Under his leadership a frame structure was built at 13305 S. Green Bay Avenue.  In the years from 1893 to 1896 Saint Columba was a mission of Saint Andrew the Apostle Church, a church in neighboring Calumet City. 
         Reverend Edward D Holloway was appointed to the church in May 1935.  He led a program of renovation. This included the decoration of the church and the construction of a parish hall.  Father Thomas J Kelly started the construction of a brick combination church and a school building.  The structure is located on 134th between Green Bay and Avenue O.  The Benedictine sisters opened the school in September 1951.  In 1955 the old frame church was remodeled into a parish hall.  Two bungalows were constructed to house the nuns at 13300 S. Avenue O.  Father Pahl led a program of expansion in 1972. This included the construction of a rectory and a social center. 
        Bishop Abramowicz continued remodeling the parish. School buildings were renovated to comply with fire regulations. They also took on a more modern appearance. Both parish halls and kitchen facilities were also updated. Parishioners donated their labor to convert the old parish hall into a new gymnasium. The convent was remodeled and a new chapel , dining room , and kitchen were constructed. 

Current St. Columba Church

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