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      The Hegewisch News is a community newspaper which has served this southeastern Chicago community since the 1930's.  At the Southeast Historical Museum there is a variety of information including a brief history of the newspaper.  There is also a long list of articles from the paper which deal with items of historical interest, and an inventory of issues dating from January 27, 1950 through May 13,1993 which are available at the museum. 
      Other sets of the Hegewisch news have been provided to the Chicago Historical Society, to the Special Collections Department at the Harold Washington Library, and the Hegewisch branch of the Chicago Public Library, but the most complete set of the newspaper is available at the Southeast Historical Museum, located in Calumet Park field house at 9801 S. Avenue G in Chicago, IL. 
      The Hegewisch News Weekly began publishing on April 24, 1936.  Brothers "Socho" and "Doc" Simborg began the paper and it was edited by George Cole. During World War II the office of Civilian Defense underwrote some of the expenses of the paper, and the paper became a voice for  defense matters, and a conduit to the boys in the service about what was going on back home. 
      The paper was staffed by volunteers including: Violet Tukich (Czachorski), Helen Hwasticki, Joe Ciezak, Irene Stancik, Emily Lindberg (Zinnen), and Harry Jacobson. At the end of the war, the Hegewisch News Weekly died. Then Harry Jacobson, Emily Lindberg, and Irene Stancik took over the paper and the Hegewisch News was reborn on Oct. 19, 1945.  Then on Feb. 17, 1946 Harry Jacobson died. This was the only week in 50 years that the paper was not  published. Later, Emily Lindberg and Irene Stancik moved and Eugene Czachorski took over the paper. After Eugene Czachorski died in 1971, his wife, Violet, continued publication of the paper. Then the Hegewisch News became the Hegewisch Herald in Oct. 11,1990. 

Hegewisch News 25th Anniversary Issue 
Front Page, April 28, 1961

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