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Hegewisch Methodist Church

     Methodism was the first religion to establish a church in Hegewisch.  In February, 1885 meetings were started over a store, Mr. A.J. Bell conducted the services.  On March 7, 1885 Reverend George Pelly was appointed pastor.  Eventually they had a little church building and in 1905 it was sold.  Until 1906 services were then held in the Old Opera House (later called Vicoís Hall).  This is the building where Cousinís Restaurant is located.
     Mr. John Harris, (a Sunday School Superintendent) went to a real estate company and asked for a lot to build a church.  He was given two lots for half price and a little subscription book.  Mr. Adolph Hegewisch and his employees subscribed a total of $175.00.  With this money they bought lumber.  Members rallied, and everyone in the community, regardless of religion, helped complete the erection of the building.
     A newer church, in its present location, 13501 S. Burley Avenue, was officially dedicated on December 9, 1906.  A total of  $4000 in pledges was collected.  An $800.00 mortgage was taken on the church to complete it.  During 1918 and 1922 the mortgage was finally cleared.  The rectory was built between 1919 and 1920.

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