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106th Street Shopping District

        At the turn of the century, the original East Side shopping district was located near 100th Street and Ewing Avenue near the railroad station.  In later years, the main East Side shopping area moved south along 106th Street and along Ewing Avenue between 105th and 106th Streets.  Filled with bakeries, grocers, ice cream and candy shops, theaters, and drug stores, this was the place to be. 
         The main businesses on 106th street in 1891 were as follows:

       Location                             Owner                 Type of Business
     ~178 (old address)          Gallistel, M. W.        Bird Fancier
     ~178 (old address)          Gallistel and Son       Real Estate
     ~180 (old address)          Velchak, John           Saloon
     ~corner of Ave. K            Otto, E.                   Hardware
     ~corner of Ave. M            Keeh                       Butter and Eggs
     ~corner of Ave. N             Saffran                    Grocer

 This list only contains a half dozen stores and businesses in 1891, but in 2001, there are more than three dozen stores on 106th street including, Harmony's Hamburgers, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Chapala Restaurant, and East Side Cafe. 

Mausen's Tavern (located on right) and 
Willy's Hardware Store (located on left) 

 Mausen's Tavern, located around 106th and Ewing Avenue, was located in a residential area. Later, this area became the main shopping district of the East Side. Willy's and Mausen's were the only two businesses on a residential street at the time that this photo was taken. 

The George Willy Hardware at
10550 South Ewing Avenue in about 1915.

Hardware stores often provided gathering places for local men to join each other and talk about sports, play cards, and gossip. 

East Side Bank

Mausen's Tavern, seen here at the corner of 106th and Ewing, was demolished to enlarge the bank's parking lot.
The East Side Bank was located in the former East Side Theater building in the 1960s. 

106th and Ewing in the mid 1960s

The expansion of the 106th Street shopping district is obvious in this photo. You can see East Side Recreation (a four lane bowling alley), the Ben Franklin store (a "dime store"), and Cohen's (a clothing store).

As you can see, the 106th street shopping district was a very important part of the East Side history. Its shops and businesses will be in our hearts and memories for generations to come. 

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