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Museology Semester I  Project

 Block Studies
 Due January 19, 2000

Names of group members - Include sheet listing, specific contributions of each member of the group.

Block Studies MUST include the following:

       History of your community (2pp typed) (ES, SD, SC, Heg) DO NOT COPY FROM SOURCE MATERIAL!!!

       History of your block (minimum 1 p typed)

       Chart (typed) of all houses / apartments / structures on the block.  Include the following in the chart:  address, style 
       (type of structure), date of permit, date of completion, builder (developer), architect

       Building permits for all houses on block - include locator card and actual permit (UIC Library)

       Sanborn maps from various dates of the block (UIC Library)

       Digital photos on CD ROM of all structures on the block (save in original format and in JPG format at about 100 K)

       Aerial view Of your block (see SEHM Map Collection)

Block Studies should include some of the following (the more the better):
       Information from oral interviews or questionnaires
       Chicago Tribune Real Estate prices from website (www.chicagotribune.com)

       Center For Neighborhood Technology  info from website(www.cnt.org)

       Other historical maps showing block at various times in history (USGS maps?)

       Other sources of information about your block (Land use maps, valuation maps)

       Historical photos or news articles of your block or surrounding neighborhood

All material must be typed (hard copy and disk file) or xeroxed.  Second semester will involve uploading this information to the WWW and creation of a web site.

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