The Literacy Center

The Literacy Center is operated  under the auspices of the Department Literacy Education in the College of Education of Northeastern Illinois University.  The Literacy Center addresses the reading and writing difficulties and needs of children and adolescents in grades one through twelve. The Literacy Center is dedicated to the ideals of diversity and community partnerships. There are graduate clinical tutoring programs in Summer, Fall, and Spring (winter) semesters. Each semester has between 15 to 18 sessions of individual assessment and instruction. The fee for the graduate clinical program is $150.00 per semester. Beginning in Fall 2012, individual one-day parking passes will be available for a 2 dollar donation. The pass is only good for one day,  and the pass must be properly scratched off to display the correct date. For information, call Dr. JoAnne Vazzano, Literacy Center Coordinator at 773-442-5388 or email at

Summer Morning Sessions

      • Sessions are 4 days a week Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
      • Sessions are scheduled from Jun 23rd thru July 17th.
      • Each tutoring session is 75 minutes (one hour and 15 minutes).
      • There is a 9am session for younger children and a 10:30am session for older children.
      • Required Orientation June 16th and Wednesday June 18th  at 4:45 pm or 6:00pm

Summer Late Afternoon Sessions
      • Sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday
      • First session is Tuesday June 3rd, and last session is Thursday July 31st.
      • Each session is 60 minutes-one hour.
      • There is a 4:45 session for younger children and a 6:00pm session for older children.

Download Summer  2014  Application in Microsoft Word       

Download Summer 2014 Application PDF

Microsoft Word applications may be completed and emailed
 to Ms. Ashanti Roberts, Literacy Center Associate

Completed PDF applications may be mailed to:
Dr. JoAnne Vazzano
Northeastern Illinois University
Literacy Center
5500 N.St. Louis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60201

Literacy Center Sessions
The Fall term begins late September and runs through late November to early December. There are late afternoon and early evening sessions in the fall term. Notification of acceptance into the fall term will be mailed in August. Winter session begins on January 27, 2014 and continues through mid-April. There are late afternoon and early evening sessions in the Winter term. Notification letters of acceptance in the winter term are sent in mid December. There two sections in summer. One session will be available four days a week in late June thru mid July  during the morning. The other session Notification of acceptance into the summer term will be mailed in late May. 

The Graduate Clinical Practicum

Students from Grades 1 thru 12 attend instructional sessions twice weekly for diagnosis and instruction in fall and winter terms.
In summer terms, children meet four times a week. As a requirement in their degree program, teachers seeking advanced certification as Reading Specialists provide an in-depth diagnosis and individualized instruction of students who wish to improve their reading skills. This diagnosis and instruction is provided under the supervision of a faculty member in the Graduate Literacy Education Program.

and Family
Each semester, the Literacy Center invites participants of the Graduate Literacy Education Program and their families to a Literacy Celebration. This special event features parents and children sharing stories, experiences, favorite books, and poetry with each other. We all celebrate our shared love for books and reading! The Literacy Center also sponsors special programs for parents and families. Conferences provide parents information from local teachers and specialists who share their ideas for providing the best learning experiences possible for children. Parent workshops provide hands-on experiences to help parents support their children’s literacy development.

Community Program
The Community Program is designed to meet the needs of children unable attend the graduate program because of scheduling problems or lack of space in the graduate program. The community program also services children and adolescents who have good reading skills but wish to improve reading skills with additional strategies. The Community Program  tutoring  is $40.00 an hour. All participants in the Community Program are required to complete diagnostic evaluation at a maximum cost of $200.00. The diagnostic evaluation includes a written report of the evaluation and initial instruction. The diagnostic evaluation is waived for prior attendees of the Graduate Literacy Education Center Program. Space in the community program is determined by availability of high quality tutors.