NEIU Parking Office
NEIU Parking Facility


Daily Guest Parking

Level 2 daily permits can be purchased at our two permit dispensing machines and in the Parking Office.

Permit machine #1 is located on the southwest corner in lot H.
Permit machine #2 is located on the first floor of the Parking Facility.

Permit machine issued permits must be properly displayed facing up on the front driver's side dashboard. Do not cover the vehicle identification number.

Level 2 daily permits cost $5 per day for each day purchased. Level 2 permits are not valid in Level 1 parking areas. However, they are valid in Level 3.

If the machine is temporarily out of order, you can purchase your daily parking permit from the Parking Office located at the north facing wall of the Parking Facility, adjacent to lot F. Parking Office daily permits are displayed hanging from the rearview mirror with the date facing the front windshield.

Payment for a Direct Purchase permit is required in full at the time of purchase. These permits are purchased and issued at the Parking Office.


Semester -------- $337.00 $181.00
Academic1 -------- $675.00 --------
Annual2 $886.00 $749.00 $543.00
1- Fall and Spring semesters
2- Starts in the Fall semester

Meter Parking

Meter parking is for short term parking only. Meters accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. Twenty-five cents for every 15 minutes with maximum parking limit of 30 minutes. Meter rates and time limits are posted on all parking meters.

Possession of a valid NEIU parking permit DOES NOT allow parking at a meter stall without payment.

Parking meter compliance is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any vehicle parked at an expired meter is in violation and will be ticketed.

Being just a few minutes late IS NOT an acceptable reason for appeal.

Other Parking

Drop Off

There are two drop off locations; Lech Walesa Hall and at the NEIU Child Care Center. NEIU Child Care Center drop off parking spots are used for temporary parking associated with the drop off and pick up of children participating in the NEIU daycare program. Lech Walesa Hall drop off spots are for drop off and pick up of students only. No parking is allowed. The Parking Office monitors these areas and any vehicle found violating the use of these drop off spaces will be ticketed.