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Student Online Permit Registration

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Where Is My Permit?

 online permit registration

Permit Types and Rates

Student Semester Level 2 parking fee is automatically included in the student's bill.

Students who choose to participate in Level 2 parking will be assessed a parking fee based on credit hours enrolled.

Any vehicle not properly displaying a permit by the beginning of the third full week of classes is subject to being fined.

Semester Credit Hours Parking Fee
1 $12.50
2 $25.00
3 $37.50
4 $50.00
5 $62.50
6 $75.00
7 $87.50
8 $100.00
9 $112.50
10 $125.00
11 $137.50
12 $150.00
13 $162.50
14 $175.00
15 $187.50
16 or more Calculated at $12.50 per credit hour

LEVEL 1 $379.00

Parking Waivers

Students that do not want to participate in the parking program must sign a waiver form. Those who desire to participate in Level 1 must sign a waiver form to opt out of the Level 2 parking program and independently purchase a Level 1 permit.

The parking waiver form is available at the Cashier's Office or here and should be hand delivered to them.

Payments and Issuing

Student parking fees are included on the student bill and must be paid for at the Cashiers Office. All students are required to pay for daily parking prior to completing the online permit registration request procedure. If the parking fee is waived and a student wishes to participate in the parking program, the fee must be re-instated at the Cashier's Office.

Any vehicle not properly displaying a permit by the beginning of the third week of classes is subject to being fined.

If there are any outstanding parking obligations or problems registering the permit/vehicle online, contact the NEIU Parking Office for assistance during normal business hours.

Refunds and Cancellations

Students not requiring on-campus parking must cancel/opt out of the parking program by submitting a waiver form to the Cashier's Office.

The parking waiver form is available at the Cashier's Office or here.

All refunds are given in accordance with University tuition deadline dates and percentages. The parking decal must be returned to the Parking Office at the time classes are completely withdrawn.

The permit of a student, who drops all their classes and receives a parking refund, will become invalid. Any use of it may result in an "illegal use of permit" violation and/or vehicle immobilization "boot".

Vehicle/Permit Registration

Follow the steps below to get a parking permit.

Step 1.

Verify that the parking fee is included on the student bill.
Step 2. Complete the online permit/vehicle registration process
  at online permits.
Step 3. Check the status of your permit online at
Step 4. Properly display permit

Fall 2013 permits must be picked up in the Parking Office. To check on the permit's status, click on the "Where is my permit?" icon on the top right side of this page.

Other Parking

Meter Parking

Meter parking is for short term parking only. Meters accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. Twenty-five cents for every 15 minutes with maximum parking limit of 30 minutes. Meter rates and time limits are posted on all parking meters.

Possession of a valid NEIU parking permit DOES NOT allow parking at a meter stall without payment.

Parking meter compliance is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any vehicle parked at an expired meter is in violation and will be ticketed.