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Reporting under the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Northeastern Illinois University Board of Trustees delegates authority to the NEIU Parking Administration, to prescribe parking areas on campus or to change the designation of parking areas as necessary. This authority is promulgated under 110 ILCS 610/1 (Illinois compiled statues). Advance public notice of any parking changes will be given.

Parking Administration is responsible for the enforcement of regulations controlling vehicles on University property. Citations are issued by the Chicago Police Department for parking violations of city streets bordering NEIU. All city violations are handled by the Chicago Police Department and all fines are to be appealed to the City of Chicago Law Department, Municipal Prosecutions, or paid to the City of Chicago. The City of Chicago does not have jurisdiction on NEIU campus. NEIU is an arm and agency of the State and must comply with both State and Federal law. The City of Chicago does not have jurisdiction over campus parking enforcement.

The Parking Administration reserves the right to make authorized changes in campus rules and regulations as deemed fit for the benefit of Northeastern Illinois University. By state law, parking operations must be self-supporting, in that parking revenues must cover parking expenses and the University is not allowed to subsidize parking operations with state funds.


Parking on NEIU campus is limited and parking spaces are issued on a first-come first served basis. Parking refunds for students are automatically adjusted on their student billing according to established NEIU class drop date guidelines or by canceling of parking with submission of a parking waiver. All other refunds are issued on a percentage according to the specific timeframe designated for usage. These refunds are requested through the Parking Office.


Parking rules and regulations were established to control on campus parking, provide parking safety information, ensure efficient use of university parking and facilitate the general parking operations of the university. Parking fees and fines are established to cover parking operational expenses, provide equitable user rates and promote compliance with Northeastern Illinois University's parking rules and regulations.


It is the responsibility of all parking users to obtain, read, understand and abide by the rules and regulations established by the university. All owners/drivers parked on the Northeastern Illinois University campus must be parked in a space marked and designated by the university as a valid parking space. In order to be legitimately parked on campus all vehicles must display a valid NEIU parking permit or be parked at a meter with valid parking time remaining. This permit and meter requirement is enforced seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. All motor vehicles parked on University property must have valid state registration and license plates. The registered owner and/or operator of a vehicle is responsible for the parking permit and all citations issued to the vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the driver to remember to transfer the permit to the temporary vehicle being used while their vehicle is in the shop for repairs, etc. Failure to remember to transfer the permit will require you to purchase a daily parking permit if you use campus parking during this time. If it is determined that a person affiliated with the university received a ticket on a vehicle and the registered owner is not affiliated with the university, the operator of the vehicle will also be held responsible.

Establishing operator responsibility for parking violations of unregistered vehicles will be determined by the reasonable association that a student, faculty or staff member with the same address as the registered owner of the vehicle is the operator of that vehicle. When two or more students, faculty, or staff reside at the same address the assumption is that one or more are operators. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

Lack of parking spaces is not justification for illegal parking. Any person operating a motor vehicle on Northeastern Illinois University property must comply with all traffic regulations as set forth by the State of Illinois and Northeastern Illinois University.

NEIU parking permits are user specific and fines will be issued accordingly. In addition to being fined, a person in possession of someone else's permit is subject to being referred to the Dean of Students for student due process, and/or criminal arrest. Vehicle owner/operator must register all vehicles they intend to park on Northeastern Illinois University campus. A valid driver's license, owner's registration card, and proof of payment are required for in person permit pickup and vehicle registration. All vehicles parked on campus must be parked head first.

Parking permits must be properly displayed on any vehicle parked on University property except parking meters. Date and permit number must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. For example, if a vehicle without a permit is fined $50 for NO PERMIT and the owner/driver has purchased and picked one up, the original ticket will be reduced to $25 for FAILURE TO PROPERLY DISPLAY.

Window Affixed Permit {Semester, Annual, Academic, Employee Continuous}
  • Permit must be affixed directly to the windshield without tape usage.
  • Bar coding must be visible for scanning.
  • Complete permit number must be visible.
  • Permit must be placed only on the lower half of driver's side front or back windshield.
  • Permit must not be placed on heat sensors.
  • Permit must not be placed on tinted portion of the window.
  • Only current semester permits should be displayed on vehicle.

Daily Permits {Hang Tag, Dash Board Displayed} permits issued by the Parking Office must be displayed as follows:
  • Hang tag permits must be hung from the rear view mirror with expiration date facing toward the windshield.
  • Parking level and date must be clearly shown on the permit.
  • Permits that cannot be clearly seen or hung improperly are subject to fines for "improper display".
  • Machine issued permits must be placed on driver's side of the front dashboard and current date and time clearly visible.
  • Dashboard must be clear of all expired NEIU University issued permits.

Permit Transfers From Vehicle to Vehicle
  • Parking permits are user specific.
  • Permit must be displayed on the vehicles associated with the permit purchaser.
  • Permit is valid only on the vehicles registered and driven by the designated user.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to transfer the permit to their registered vehicles and properly display it.


Clean window and remove clear cover on permit. The windshield affixed permit must be placed on the rear window in the lower corner on driver's side of vehicle. *Vehicles must be parked facing forward. Permits are transferable and valid only for the vehicles either operated by or used for transporting the permit purchaser.

*If the rear window has a dark tint that does not allow for easy viewing and scanning of the permit, the permit must be placed in the lower corner of the front window on the driver's side of vehicle.

Student/Employee Semester and Long Term Permits
Student: See Student Online Permit/Vehicle Registration Request
Employee: See Employee Online Permit/Vehicle Registration Request

Rental Vehicles
  • Bring in proof of your vehicle rental.
  • The Parking Office will register your rental vehicle.

Multiple Vehicles
  • All vehicles must be registered with the Parking Office
  • All registered vehicles must be directly associated with user
  • All permits are user specific and other people associated with the University community, such as students and employees, can not share the use of a permit.

The Parking Office will offer you a 3 day "no charge" permit if the following applies:
  • If your vehicle is in the shop and you can supply proof from the mechanic, preferably on their letterhead, that your vehicle is being worked on.

  • If you have a rental vehicle and can supply proof that your insurance company is paying for your rental.


*All permits have the associated parking level printed on them.
  • Level 1: You must display a valid Level 1 permit to park in the designated Level 1 areas. Level 1 parking is also valid in all Level 2 and Level 3 parking areas. Level 1 parking can be identified by Level 1 signage. The entire Lots of A, C, PE Lot and the 1st floor of the Parking Facility are Level 1 parking. Additional one row Level 1 parking is available in the F and J lot. Student are not automatically billed Level 1 parking. They must cancel their student billed Level 2 parking and request to be charged Level 1 parking at the Cashier's Office.

  • Level 2: You must display a valid Level 2 parking permit to park in the designated Level 2 areas. Level 2 parking is also valid in all Level 3 parking areas. Level 2 is invalid in a Level 1 area.

  • Level 3: You must display a valid Level 3 parking permit to park in the designated Level 3 areas. Level 3 parking is not valid in any Level 2 and Level 1 parking areas. Level 3 parking is available to certain designated NEIU union employee groups.


Replacement parking permits will be issued upon receipt of payment. Replacement fees are $10 for Level 3, $20 for Level 2, $40 for Level 1, and $60 for Premium. Replacement cost is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/driver. Replacement fees and permits must be paid and picked up at the Parking Office.

Stolen permits must be reported to University Police prior to issuance of a replacement permit. Lost and unrecoverable permits should be reported to the Parking Office. Permits reported lost, stolen or unrecoverable and are recovered must be returned to the Parking Office immediately. Use of a lost, stolen, or unrecoverable permit is subject to penalty such as a vehicle immobilizer or "boot" placed on the vehicle, $100 illegal use of permit fine, $50 boot removal fee, cost of the illegal permit's purchase price, referral to the Dean of Students for student due process and/or criminal arrest. Lost and stolen permits are subject to replacement fees.
Non-sticking or Torn Permits
  • Return the non-sticking permit to the NEIU Parking Office.
  • You will be issued a no-charge replacement permit.

Vehicles displaying invalid permits are subject to being fined. Some examples would be:
  • Expired permits
  • Hang tag permits without a current date or parking level showing.
  • Permits with information written in pencil or pen
  • Hang tag not facing forward when hanging from the rearview mirror
  • Permits placed face down on the dashboard of the vehicle
  • Permits where the permit number and bar coding is not completely visible and capable of being scanned.

Owners/Operators of vehicles displaying a fake, copied, lost, stolen or altered permit are subject to penalty such as a vehicle immobilizer or "boot" placed on the vehicle and $50 boot removal fee. Also a $100 Illegal Use of Permit Fine, cost of permit purchase, hearing referral, Criminal Arrest and/or prosecution for felony theft.
Some examples of Illegal Usage of permits and free guest parking
  • Altered permits

  • Lost permits

  • Stolen permits

  • Permits registered to another user

  • Department purchased permits used by University employees or students

  • Current NEIU employees and students parking without a valid permit in spaces designated for complimentary event parking

SAFETY SERVICES: (emergency phones/escort services/new/student/orientation/surveillance)

Emergency phones:

The University has code blue emergency direct dial phones located on campus walkways. The phones are readily recognizable by the blue light on top of the column that houses the emergency phone. These phones dial the University Police office directly by a push of a button.

Escort Service:

University Police will, upon request, provide escort service to members of the University community walking on campus to the parking lots or adjacent city streets. Request for escort service may be made at the University Police Office (F-Lot) or by contacting University Police at ext 4100.

Overnight Parking:

Owners/Drivers who require parking on campus overnight must first register their vehicle at the University Police department for overnight parking. University Police reserves the right to assign designated overnight parking areas. The University is not responsible for any damages to vehicles parked on campus overnight.

MOTOR ASSISTANCE:(jumpstarts/tire/vehicle unlock)

Motorist assistance services are only provided on campus and are available to users who are legally parked. Services will be provided by the Parking Office or University Police upon verification of ownership or authorized usage, and signing of a liability release form. NEIU police or Parking Agents will not be held liable for any damage that results in such assistance.

Jump Starts:

The operator of a vehicle parked on campus may request jump start assistance for the recharging of their vehicle battery. Services will be provided by the Parking Office or University Police.

Low Tire Assistance:

When requested, the Parking Office will provide air for low tires of an operator's vehicle parked legally on university campus.

Vehicle Unlock:

When requested, officers from the University Police Department will attempt to provide vehicle unlock assistance to an owner/driver with their vehicle parked legally on university campus.
DISABILITY PARKING:(authorization/display requirements)
Disability Reserved Spaces:

Sixty six spaces are designated for handicapped parking. There are seventeen handicapped spaces on Level 1; two on Level 2; one on level 3; and one on Level 4 in the Parking Facility. Handicap permits are user specific and are only valid for use by the registered disabled person.

A person who is not handicap and uses a handicap permit is subject to being fined and reported to the Illinois Attorney General for criminal prosecution. In order to be legally parked in a university handicapped space your disability approval must be displayed in one of the two following ways.

State Approved Disability:

A valid university parking permit must be purchased, and properly displayed in conjunction with your state approved disability license plate or hang tag.

University Approved Disability:

The Student Health Services Office can issue temporary NEIU Handicapped Parking hang tags that are valid only for short term handicapped parking for up to three weeks.

A doctor's note documenting the disability is required to submit a request for an NEIU Handicapped Parking hang tag. Anyone requiring Handicapped parking for longer than three weeks must also apply through the Office of the Secretary of State for a State issued Persons with Disabilities license plate or hanging placard.

The three week temporary NEIU Handicapped Parking hang tag should allow time for the State to process requests for the State license or hanging placard.

Parking in the handicapped spots on campus is permitted only with a displayed state issued Persons with Disabilities license plate or hanging placard or a temporary NEIU Handicapped Parking hang placard and a valid University parking permit.

Please call Student Health Services at (773) 442-5800 with any questions.

Daily/Temporary Parking Permits:
Daily parking permits issued from the Daily Permit Machine or the Parking Office that are for one day or limited multi day use.

Daily Permit Machine:

A machine that dispenses one day temporary parking permits and is located in the H Lot at the Southwest corner of the campus and on the first floor of the Parking Facility. The machines accepts credit and debit cards (MasterCard or Visa logos only) $1, $5, $10 bills, quarters, nickels, and dimes. Daily permits allow vehicles to park in Level 2 lots for the day printed on permit.


The standing of a vehicle, occupied or not, for any period of time.

Parking Levels:

Northeastern Illinois University has four types of parking levels located on University grounds.

Premium parking:

Guarantees the parker a parking space in a specifically designated premium parking area. Premium parking permits are also valid in all regular Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 parking spaces.

Level 1 parking:

Is located nearest the buildings. A Level 1 parking permit is valid in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 parking lots.

Level 2 parking:

Permits are valid only in Level 2 and Level 3 parking lots.

Level 3 parking:

Permits are valid only in Lot L or Parking Facility Level 5.

Sign Parking:

Any University parking space marked or identified by a sign. Legal parking in spaces with signage requires specific parking permits. Examples are: Handicap, car pool, drop off, loading dock etc.

Vehicle Operator:

The driver of the vehicle. All University fees and fines assessed against the vehicle are the responsibility of the owner and vehicle operators that parked illegally on campus.