NEIU Parking Office
NEIU Parking Facility

1. When is it too late to register for a parking permit?

It is never too late to register for a parking permit.

2. Where is the parking permit placed on a car? When will the parking permit expire?

The parking permit must be placed on the driver's side back windshield, lower half. If the back windshield is tinted or has heating strips, it must be displayed on the driver’s side, front windshield, lower half. The expiration date is also located on the bottom of the permit.

3. Is anything special needed to complete the vehicle registration for Persons with Disability?

No, having a Disability placard/plate along with a valid NEIU parking permit allows parking at any Disability space on campus.

4. What if I have more than one car, the car is in the shop, or I am driving a rental vehicle?

There is no limit to the number of vehicles registered under the NEIU parking permit. However, the permit must be transferred to the vehicle that will be parked on campus. The Parking Office will offer a 3 day "no charge" permit if the following applies:

  • The registered vehicle is in the shop and proof can be supplied from the mechanic (preferably on their letterhead) that the vehicle is being worked on.

  • Driving a rental vehicle and proof can be supplied that an insurance company is paying for the rental.

5. The parking permit was lost, the parking permit was stolen, the car was sold and a new one was purchased. Can the permit be replacement?

Yes, a replacement permit can be purchased from the Parking Office. The costs are as follows:

  • Premium Replacement = $60
  • Level 1 Replacement = $40
  • Level 2 Replacement = $20
  • Level 3 Replacement = $10
6. Is there a special permit to park a motorcycle on campus?

Yes, the Parking Office offers motorcycle permits at the price of $20 per semester. A vehicle registration form must be filled out at the Parking Office with the motorcycle's information. Please DO NOT register a motorcycle online. If the parking fee is not used to obtain a vehicle (semester) permit, opt out before the deadline date.

7. What is the appeal process for a parking violation?

The appeal process for a parking violation is simple. There are three options:

  • Appeal a ticket in person at the Parking Office by filling out an appeal form.
  • Appeal a ticket online at appeals.
  • Appeal by mail by attaching the official appeal letter to the ticket.
The Appeals Committee will process the form. When a decision is made, the appellant will be informed by postal mail within fourteen days.

8. What are the best ways to prevent against getting a ticket?

NEIU is a permit only campus. While abiding by the following, getting a ticket can be prevented:

  • Properly displaying a valid NEIU permit.
  • Parking in the appropriate level for that permit.
  • Parking between the stall markings.

If there are any other questions, please send an email to