Utility Failure

In the event of a utility failure occurring during the regular working hours of 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, immediately notify the front desk at ext. 0.

  • If there is a potential danger to building occupants, or if the utility failure occurs after regular working hours, on weekends or holidays, notify Riverwest Security at 312-226-8863.
  • When the building evacuation order is given, follow the Building Evacuation Procedure.

Electrical/ Light Failure: Remain calm. Provide assistance to others in your immediate area who may be unfamiliar with the space. Proceed cautiously to an area that has emergency lighting, especially if you are in an unlit area. Do not evacuate or dismiss employees or students unless told to do so and if no other danger exists. In most cases, power will be restored or classes will be relocated to another area with power.

Elevator Failure: If you are trapped in an elevator, use the emergency button or telephone to alert Riverwest Security. Remain calm.

Gas Leak: Cease all operations. DO NOT TURN ON LIGHTS OR ANY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Remember, electrical arcing can trigger an explosion. Evacuate the area and notify 911 immediately.

Ventilation Problems: If smoke odors come from the ventilation system, immediately notify 911, cease all operations and evacuate the area.

Water Supply Failure: In the event of water supply failure, notify the front desk at ext. 0 immediately.