INT'L Students

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University Without Walls(UWW)

Students enrolled in the competency- based University Without Walls Program (UWW) gain academic recognition for previously acquired college-equivalent knowledge and skills.

The Learning Contract


Each UWW student develops a Learning Contract (LC) during the first semester of enrollment in the program. The LC is designed, evaluated and signed by the student, the academic advisor, and the community advisor, in consultation with the UWW advisor.

The purpose of the LC is to identify learning goals as well as the steps and procedures planned to attain the goals. It provides a framework for the activities and learning experiences needed to accomplish learning goals and specifies how the learning outcomes will be documented and evaluated.

A Learning Contract should reflect an integration of theoretical and experiential knowledge, and must contain a complete description of prior and proposed learning competencies. Fulfilling the terms of a Learning Contract is a prerequisite for convening the Graduation Review Board.

Students who make satisfactory academic progress in the program receive a designation of complete for the semester; the designation is equivalent to a minimum of "C" level work.



Program Requirements

The UWW program requirements provide an organizational structure for your LC. The program requirements are:

DEPTH - Substantial knowledge and understanding in an academic area of concentration.

BREADTH - In addition to the depth area, students must demonstrate knowledge and understanding in a variety of academic disciplines including:

Fine Arts: Art, Media and Theatre, Music

Humanities: Communication, English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, Philosophy, Women's Studies

Behavioral/Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

 Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics

Interdisciplinary/Professional Studies: Computer Science, Justice Studies, Mathematics, Social Work, all   academic disciplines offered in the College of Business and Management and the College of Education.

 The goal of the breadth requirement is to ensure that all UWW students have competencies in a variety of academic areas in addition to an academic area of concentration.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - Knowledge and understanding of English, both written and oral. In addition, one may include foreign languages or other forms of communication.

University Requirements

UWW students must register and validate as full-time students at Northeastern for every semester they intend to make progress including the semester their Graduation Review Board is convened. A student's Graduation Review Board determines if registration will be required for any subsequent semester.

Final academic evaluation of student's program is conducted by a Graduation Review Board who recommends graduation.

UWW students must complete and submit all appropriate application and forms, make all payment. In addition all UWW students are required to meet the writing intensive graduation requirement, the Math/Quantitative Reasoning requirement and the Improving Human Relations requirement.

Program advisement is available to all UWW students and appropriate strategies for completing all program and university requirements will be fully discussed with program participants.