University Without Walls (UWW)

If you are highly motivated and have a clear academic direction, the University Without Walls (UWW)  can meet your needs, interests, and long-range goals. Those who wish to apply to the UWW  must design and create an application based upon the information requested in the UWW Program brochure and on-line in application content.

Applications must be typewritten. Supporting material may accompany an application but it is not required.

Official transcripts of all previous college work must be received by the UWW office no later than the application deadlines for the corresponding semester. Transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities must sent directly to the UWW office. Courses taken outside of the United States must be evaluated by the Educational Credential Evaluators Inc. (ECE). Click here to go to their website.

Applicants who have earned less than 30 semester hours of college credit must submit their official transcript from  high school transcript and General Educational Development (G.E.D) test scores.

Applications will not be considered unless all transcripts and required documents are received.

Application Contents

A .The following information must be included in your application:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Social Security Number
  • Telephone Numbers - Home, Work and mobile.
  • Gender, Date of Birth
  • Have you ever been admitted to Northeastern?
  • If yes, give date
  • Are you currently enrolled at Northeastern?
  • List all institutions you have attended. Official transcripts must be received by UWW from each institution. Under what name(s) may your transcripts be found?
B. Autobiographical statement (please limit to two pages)

C. Explain your need for entering the UWW's competency-based program.

D. Prior Learning in the Depth Area

Identify and define your DEPTH area. What is the title of your proposed DEPTH area? What learning experiences and activities have you had in this area/ what competencies (knowledge and skills) have you acquired as a result of participating in these experiences? Consider all learning experiences such as formal college courses, on-the-job training, independent study, community involvements, teaching and/or speaking experiences, and any other situations of a similar nature as an important part of your overall education.

E. Prior Learning in the Breadth Area

Identify and define subjects and disciplines other than your depth area in which you have acquired knowledge and/or skills. Also, explain what competencies you acquired as a result of your experiences in the BREADTH area as listed under Program Requirements.

F. Prior Learning in  Effective Communication

Your ability to communicate effectively will be demonstrated by the use of proper English writing and speaking skills. Identify how you have developed communication skills.

G. Proposed Learning in the Areas of Depth, Breadth, and Effective Communication

What new knowledge and skills do you want to acquire as a result of your participation in the UWW Program? Identify your learning goals in each program area (depth, breadth, and effective communication). What learning experiences and activities will you utilize in order to meet your goals? Be thorough in planning your opposed program and explain each point clearly. This is the most important section of the application.

H. Human Resources
  • Identify individuals on and/or off campus who will work with you in developing and monitoring your program.
  • Write a brief statement describing their qualifications as resource persons.
  • Include Resume/ CVs if available

Application Deadlines

Students who have submitted complete applications will be informed by mail of the admission decision six weeks following the application deadline.

Please Click here to see the UWW Meeting dates .