Venice, the city on waters, July 2007

3 days with our daughter Carolyn

a view from our hotel room

boats passing

very nice to wake up to their sound

down our "street"

still from our window

our ceiling

out Carolyn's window

anything goes

from Carolyn's window

looking the other way

and her ceiling

more of our appartment

on the first night

then we had to move

one floor down

from the bathroom

looking toward the canal

or the shower

and the toilet

and people walking about

minding their own business

turning the corner

under the bridge

one of 8 bridges

one had to cross

from the train station

to our hotel

Here are some examples

of bridges

They are lovely

especially if you don't have

any suitcases to carry

as we did when we moved in

and when we moved out

3 days later

Carolyn with her mom

after we rested a bit

from moving in

gelato abounds

with her Daddy

you can park anywhere

the question is

how does one get

to some of those boats

For example

Here at sundown

the doggy lost his ball

and the good master

let him have it:)

some other dogs don't get loose

Even grass grows in Venice

not much

Mostly water and our 1st gondola

I'm on the hunt of gondolas

and cute bridges

and some nice facades

so forgive all these

mostly redundant pictures

Have to get this snap shot

when there are both

facades and other things

Our 1st dinner

the fish was filet at our table

After dinner we pass

by a gallery

with nice sculptures

then sit in a cafe

at Saint Marco Piazza

and listen

to a concert

till midnight

In the morning

people get ready

for their work day

and we just keep on walking

and catching more bridges

after a nice breakfast

served in our room

On the Realto bridge

another nice sculpture

and gondolas passing by

full or empty

Some are waiting

for customers

Opera singers getting customers too

and life goes on in the merry city

We finally made it back

to saint Marco Piazza

admiring the cathedral

and the pigeons

and the people

who feed the pigeons

just for a snap shot

Some are getting in lines

We are looking for ours

we are going to

the Doges palace

and museum





Long lines there too

so we wait

until we get in

into the court yard


We can even see it

from the windows


I'm more interested

in roofs

and such

that I can see

from the windows

of the Doges palace

The Doges

like the Mediccis in Florence

were the ruling elite

and governed the area

around the renaissance time

from Medieval ages

wonderful little views

from the cracks in the windows

in the dungeons

or prison

where prisonners were kept

behind iron gates

and cold walls

hardly any light

I wouldn't want to be here

but for a fast peak

it's ok

on the way out

wells are all over

and more bridges

of course

from secret locations

getting out of the palace


a gondola on display

gondolas port

amazing how gondoliers stare only from the right

no matter

what direction

they are going to

and no accidents

that I know of:)

someone famous on a horse

and who is on this bridge?

if not Joel and Care?

waiting for me:)

poor Joel who never gets


except today:)

it seemed like a nice lunch place

but no tables for 3:(

anywhere nice

oh well

we won't starve

endless walking

until we find a market place

for care to shop

and for us to sit down

and have some coffee

among all the masks

and glass

and souvenirs

so much to choose from

that we delay

to tomorrow

when we'll visit

the Island of glass

In the meantime Joel snores

walking back home

i.e., hotel

to take a rest

in our new appartment

one floor down

I can even sit on the window sill

and watch those boats from closer

and joke w Care

who is in a good mood

See the new ceiling

Changing clothes

for our night escapade

Care is always in jeans

maybe a cleaner one

and here we are

ordering off the menu


and sea food

and more

sea food

and fish

cut nextdoor

talking to our Turkish neighbors

Next morning

taking a boat

to Murano

the island

where they make glass

as in the old days

the fumes emitted were

too dangerous for Venice

so the glass production

was moved away


it doesn't matter

as technology improved

After 30 minutes

we dock

and watch

how they make

different vases

Keep visiting the island

with its galleries

and usual canals

a whole xmas tree made of glass

more glass production

and we come back enriched

with a few purchases

not before

we sit down to our 2nd lunch

fixed menues

I eat fish and pasta

and watch the water

Joel and Care

eat meat and pasta

Care prefers beef

I prefer fish

and the bird will eat anything

I take more pictures

on the way back

How can I stop?


I'm getting tired of it

another well

this is in Hebrew!

oops...up side down

just turn the computer

or sit backwards

I mean head down

we are at Peggy Guggenheim grave

She's buried with all her dogs

among the many sculptures she accumulated

looking over Venice main canal

Nice to be rich

the art she collected is superb

I could only take pix of the outside

like here

Now going back

to our hotel

or close enough

I sit in the back of the boat

great view

could stay here a few more days

as didn't see all the bridges

and didn't pass under many

nor taken a gondola

this time around

Off the boat

and walking back
to rest before dinner

our last one in Venice

from my window I hear gondoliers singing

this guy is resting right there

st margarita campo

a student hang out

last dinner

nice piazza

near some university

that's the students bar

they just hang around

and drink


we do the same

bye venice

we enjoyed it much


on the train to Venise from Rome