Sorrento, Italy, July 7th, 2007

as part of our Mediterranean cruise

Cameo factory stop

on the way to Pompei and Sorrento

a long trip on the bus

from our cruise ship

Mount Vesuvius

4.5 hours by bus

nice views

crowded beaches of Naples

our great guide

Bay of Sorrento

with my sweetie

with the guide

Finally off the bus

walking into the old city

of Sorrento

beautiful streets

Nice pizza lunch, my 1st


nice couple

nice wine

what's going on?

a church

a wedding almost over

overlooking the harbor

our ship could have been there

a hotel

waiting for the bride and groom

here they are


garden restau

a nice restau

move away

another bride

back on the bus

drive back

to visit Pompei

before returning Rome