Rome, last day, continuation of the trip

I took with carolyn, July, 2007

The floor under the collesium

Carolyn looking down

a view of the Roman forum

arc de triumph

again the forum as viewed from the Collosium


people outside

walking toward the Forum

Next we'll go through the Forum

we are still inside the collosium

where slaves and gladiators fought for their lives

June 19, 1944, Italy conquered

Slaves didn't have a choice

Gladiators chose this profession that stripped them out of the Roman citizenship but guaranteed a lavish salary

Finally out under the arc of triumph

newley wed

Collosium built cir 70 ad

not real columns

stones were triangles to sustain time

in the Roman forum

Lots of ruins

hot weather

Europe is heating up

What will be the future?

All we have is history

Carolyn's chosen profession

more newly wed

what will be their future?

Climbing out of the Forum

to rejoin modern civilization

and get back on ...

our bus?

Next stop

Piazza Navona

and its beautiful fountains

Main is being washed

Some human sculptures

Many artists

another fountain


while we watch the activity

Hat seller setting up

I'm hot

thinking of buying a hat

Neat restaurant

with my new hat

and a dog

walking to the Pantheon

Here it is

Another fountain

The Pantheon

and a Roman soldier

Sun hits a spot

Light filters in

Bright teeth among the columns

Back on our tour bus

Going to another fountain

Which is it?

The most famous one...

Prepare your 3 coins

Prepare your wish

Toss them in one at a time

Here we are

So good with my baby

Now we've walked to the Spanish Steps

that were really French

I cool my feet in the fountain water good...

Look how we tanned!

See care's and Ash's present

Sitting in a luxury caffe

not far

then back on the bus

to our hotel

passing some neat sculptures

Dinner is African

or ethiopian near the hotel
That meal unfortunately gave Care a bad stomach:(
See the end of our trip in Milan.