Milan in July 2007

with my daughter Carolyn, our last 2 days in Italy

All packed up in Rome

and off to the train for Milan

in front of the Duomo

the Galleria

Sitting in a fancy cafe

away from the heat

just looking at passers by

2 policemen

Now back to the hotel

to rest

back at night

looking for a quiet place

Posing in front of the fat woman

Can't see much inside the duomo

The next day

we climb the duomo stairs

to see it from the outside

really close

what a view

all around

the Piazza

entrance of the galleria



what grandeur

what power

the roof

the walls

they don't built like this

any longer

all marble

even unseen parts

like this wall on the roof

The 2 of us

Having some pizza

and ice caffe

talking to our Qwaiti neighbors

Here is the fat lady again

searching now for the Brera galleries

finding another on the way

Nice Brera street

The entrance

to the gallery

No pictures from here on

except my silhouette in the mirror

and a look downstairs

Carolyn is awaiting me

in the caffe painting

Dinner at night

at the market place

Less mosquitoes tonight

Great last dinner

a new necklace by Swarovski

Kids playing at night

too dark

a last goodbye to the Duomo

Carolyn is gone

I'm passing by the restaurant

of last night

and the galleria

the Piazza

the galleria again

another fat woman by Benini

same restaurant as yesterday but by myself remembering the good times.