Jamaica, here I come

Negril, Oct. 2007

On the bus

from the airport

at Montego Bay

On Oct. 11, 2007

On the way to Negril

passing through towns

I was just shooting randomly

Forgive the unprecise pictures

Sydney and Lozita

at the toga first night

at our resort

eating Japanese food

cooked right in front of us

by not so Japanese cook

yummm delicious

and the show goes on

sexy ladies in the audience

doing some sexy things

or just pretending to

the queen of Egypt

one of the hot pools

I didn't even try

nor the water slide

nor the main pool

some merchands

in the vicinity

displaying their art & crafts

very similar to Benin's

another pool

more sculptures

see the gueco?

Here it is!

Ivano and Nicolas

a kiss?

not quite

just breakfast

and getting breakfast

Nice ceiling

and window


and me again

the beach

buy a conch?

just shooting the breeze



Barbara and Dan

and me

and the water

and beautiful bay

and sand and palm trees

like paradise

want a souvenir?

or just a fish?

come look

or rest in the shade

more resorts

and a cafe in the water

pretty pool side

and restaurant

very inviting

wouldn't you say?

why sail away?

even the public beach is nice

all deserted

our resort has some jungles

and a chess board

Taleshia and Richard

Donella and Keldon

an old boat drifted during a storm

into Negril's coast

a river

and shacks

with fishermen

after having returned from the sea

with their catch

the river going into the sea

white birds on the tree

and fancier boats for tourists?

Venturing into the fishermen village

over an old small bridge

houses on small stilts

a little richer than S. Africa

Nice catch

the net and the bird


preparing fish for sale to hotels

a baricuda

oops sideways...see the teeth?

Neat fruits to eat

cute girl

want a coco nut?

or just look?

Some root

some exotic fruits

Steve our guide

here we are on the other side of the river



and his sculptures

cafe on the beach

we bought some beer and pepsi

for me and Steve

then went shopping

for some souvenir

Nice invitation

and some purple hash

which is the lion?

what a choice

shall we get something

like a lion?

something we don't need?

Finally a foot...

and another lion

but we forgot the foot


I really liked it

Now have to return

to find another

at Rick's cafe

he jumps from the cliff

resting in the shade

usually people

come here

to see the sunset

and swimm

and rest

or just wet their feet

in the cafe in the pool

with a drink

bye Rick's cafe

at the Jamaican restaurant on the beach

with Marta, Miguel, Jorge &Ramiro, from Spain, & NY

going back

the runway at Montego Bay

my partner in 1st class

and relaxed me

taking off

and having

a last look

at Montego Bay

from the air



See you next year maybe

Hello Florida

back in the USA