Ginger's last days & other Chicago pictures

5/24/95 - 7/14/08

at Ultfit

at TJM

modern dance class

started by Kamla and Dan

2 friends

Flowers from Irene

for my birthday

in the Botanical garden

Our 30th anniversary

still in love

but in one week

our Ginger will die

She has had many good days

and 13 years of good life

and a few bad days

She suffers

her favorite sleeping spot

near our bed

Can't stay up too long

Feivel is her guardian

still follows me outside

checks on the bunnies

she has retrieved

only a couple weeks ago

still a retriever

saying good bye

love you dear

my best friend

Now only Feivel remains

at the Botanical gardens

meeting Judy, Jim and Hally

cooking class