Our Mediterranean cruise, June-July 2007

that was abruptly interrupted after our ship hit a rock

Pat and Jim, new couple on our ship

with Dino and Laura who invited us to join them

RJ and Lise, another newbe couple to the cruise

Denise and Alex with our somnelier

Having some fun this 1st night on the ship

It's Pat and Jim's anniversary

what a surprise

I'm very happy too

of course full moon

and all it promises

with my partner

with laura and Dino

on our 1st walk that was also our last:(

anniversary celebration

1st day at sea

that became the last scheduled one:(

busy reading

Dress-up night

first and last:(

no one is sitting with their spouse

French tradition

how fun

Alex with Sue and Laura

Pat with Joel and RJ



Sue with Dino and Alex

Frank with Laura and Denise

and so on

and so forth

you get the idea


Never a moment of bordom

the captain before the disaster

the morning of

Villefranche in the brumes

Approaching France

breakfast at peace

such a promising cruise

beautiful coast line

we are getting ready

to start our first excursion

and last scheduled

into Villefranche

back from Monaco

after the train ride

getting into?

bye peaceful France

back on the tender

going back to the ship

moments before the disaster

bye beautiful harbor

totally unsuspecting what's to come

happy and unsuspecting







the ship is getting closer to the rocks

it happens now

and instead of going to Livorno

we spend the day at sea going to Rome

Hopes are high

we only missed Livorno and Florence and Pizza

but the rest of the cruise is still ahead

so we thought

so we are celebrating

and getting to Rome on the 4th of july

and it's my birthday

celebrated a day later

as we are now bus travellers

and hopes are less high

but hey we are on vacation

with our friends

stuck in Rome's harbor


for 5 days

5 days!

an hour or more away from Rome

so we took a bus to Florence

another to Sorrento and Pompei

and of course Rome

while using our cabin

as our confy hotel room

leaving the harbor by bus

one can see this castle

the castle of Civitavecchia

and many other boats

which came and went


while we were strended

in Civitavecchia

at the port of Rome

celebrating our 29th anniversary

with our friends on the ship

having breakfast

served right on our balcony

beats other hotels

at least we didn't have to use these life boats

and we were safe

however some sail boats

as tiny as these

or as big as these

were freer than us

to go as they pleased

while we slept in Civitavecchia

in a beautiful cabin

by the sea

not so bad

while our friends were still there

but the last day has come

and we are saying goodbye

on the deck


and drinking

and celebrating

one last time

before we debark

and take a long ride

on a train to Venice

dance with me

my dear

one last dance

thanking our divers who worked so hard

saying bye to our neighbors

and the passing ships

that can all move

and go to their destinations

but not us

but Celebrity is good to us

they promise

to take us next year

on a new voyage

this time with no harm

so here is our last supper with Victoria serving us as always

and the liquor guy

and all of us

a bit concerned

but we still have each other:)