Costa-Rica, April 2008

Here I come again. Tortuguero National Park


on hammack


beauty of the night

on boat in Tortuguero

Carabbeans from air

coral reefs

from my window

Josephine, John, me and Leslie

visiting a coffee plantation

Britt, near St Jose

neat visit

You collect the coffee beans

when they are read

then you peel them


Costa Rica has the best Arabica

roasting furnace

Olga our guide to Tortuguero

1st taking a bus for 3 hours

over 2 rivers meeting

each with a different color

After breakfast on the road

we visit

among others

a banana plantation

and see some huge


and drink coco milk

here I hold the monster

that's me faceless

Joel has a face

cutting into bunches

the plantation itself

in the plantation

plastic covered banana bunches

she's fearless

banana bunches are pulled along

Then we board a boat

for an hour and a hald

on a cannal leading

to Tortuguero with Olga

a hawk or a vulture?

Did you see the spider monkey?

Tortuguero town as we approach it

in our lodge

a beautiful pool

and dining room

and water fall

and a bridge

and a frog sanctuary

See the tadpoles

and a fully grown frog

Eric shows us

and lets us hold

it feels like rubber
and looks like rubber
but it's real with red eyes

Eric's reflexion

The cabins

on the way

to the butterfly sanctuary

Here they are

sitting on the bananas

click to see the beauty

An orange and yellow one

and a blue one
which is the other side of the brown
here are two mating

banana flower

resting near the canal

a huge spider


an old boat

what a better use?

birds' nests

Here is another yellow bird

the police, best in the country
to catch drug smugglers

only street in town

with a church

and a cafe


we sat in this cafe

for a capuccino

wearing my new scarf

and a mango duckery?

walking back to the lodge

by the ocean side on the east

yoga stage

waiting for the sun to rise

at 5:20






embarking at 6 am

for a tour

puppy wants to come too

so badly


she discovers

how to get into the water

without jumping

her 1st sweem

flopping about

see the grey bird

here is another kind

in the water one can see
the head of a baby c

See the bird?

and the night flower?

that lasts only a day

see the bird

and on the branch

a s

no way to dry his wings

except in the sun

a red bird

what's in here?

a bird watcher paradise

a modern bird

over the water

a toucan
Here comes the holler monkey
when he screams

he sounds like a lion

hanging around

what a life

in the grass

enough watching monkeys

back to cruising

Can you see it on the branch?

here from close

right above my head

a s

looks like a dinausour

time to leave the paradise

right after breakfast

with some French people

Costa Ricans

and even Israelis

map of the area

bye Tortuguero National Park

here is the monkey right-top

sex of the butterflies

"Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow."

Don't give people fish; teach them how to fish

Earthwatch, an interesting place for project and travel.