Brooklyn Art Museum, NY

African exhibit, Dec. 2007, as seen by Netiva

Komo mask, Burkina Faso

Married with 1st child (scars)

Totem animal for a clan

in Burkina Faso

West Africa

door of important people

In Guinea Bissau an initiation mask for young people

In Ivory Coast idealizing female beauty

In Liberia this mask excites the villagers in festivities

Small personal masks

that protect their owners

kept hidden

except in festivities

Baboon figure from Ivory Coast

for the cult of Mbra

Monument to the dead

in Ouidah, Benin

The Yoruba

the largest ethnic group

Gelede mask in Nigeria

worn by men to honor women

of the community living and dead

Divination tapper (Iroke ifa), Yoruba , Nigeria

Yoruba Gelede masks emerging from the sacred forest in Benin

singing songs to remind people

to respect the powerful especially elder women in Yoruba society

West and Central Africa

Ebo Oba, mask to honor the father of a king

placed on an altar in the Royal palace of Benin

Hip ornaments with face

in the Royal court of Benin, Nigeria

a warrier

of the court of the Oba, or king, Benin , Nigeria

Headdress in the kingdom of Cameroon

worn by secret society men serving as police or in court of law

emblem of the leopard secret society in cameroon (Nkpa)

Power figure (Nkisi Nkondi)

in Congo. In cavity ingredients are placed of super natural power

In Congo, used in dances of Yaka men circuncision ceremony

In Gabon, guardian figure

Hemba mask to protect boys during the initiation ceremony

Chief chair


Divination figures (Mukishi) in the Democratic republic of Congo

Painted Karo dancers in Ethiopia

Caribbean religions in the most part are direct products of African influence