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 Robert W. Walker

Robert W. Walker is the author of over forty novels with a record eight series heroines and heroes. Walker is a graduate of Chicago’s Wells High School, Northwestern University, and NU’s Graduate Masters in English Education program. His most enduring female lead is Dr. Jessica Coran of the Instinct Series and Meredyth Sanger of the Edge Series. In fall 2005 City for Ransom has a dual male/female lead with Dr. Jane Tewes who doubles as Dr. James Phineas Tewes in this pre-forensics 1893 Chicago setting. Just in the pipeline Cuba Blue is a new series introducing Walker’s 8th series character -- Quianna “Aui” Aguilar -- a Cuban detective working in Old Havana.

“Write to your opposite” is Walker’s watchword as “this forces you into a worthwhile writing challenge. So set your stories in exotic places you’ve never been with exotic characters you’ve never known. You’ll surprise yourself.” Robert’s website is chock full with advice and examples: www.RobertWWalker.com